Ah, November. The cool winds are just starting to come in and we’re already nearing the end of 2015! Not everyone may celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas, but gift-giving in the form of saying thanks is something we can all do year-round. And with 2016 soon approaching, we should take advantage of these last few moments, if you haven’t already, to reflect on our memories of this year, good and bad, because we’ll be better for it.

Fellow fashion fans, gem and jewelry enthusiasts, we at F&B would really like to take this time to say thanks. Thank you for reading and learning along with us, thank you for your support, your questions and comments. Thank you for allowing us to come along for the ride and reminding us time after time what it means to fall in love and honor it in the best way we know how. Thank for making a job not a job, but an exciting quest to really take you to where you need to be. Thank you for sharing in our love of the sparkle, the glam, the memorable, and the everlasting. Thank you for the memories. Our team is looking forward to the New Year, hoping for the chance to collaborate on many more projects to come with you. Thanks.

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