Flavor of the Month, Citrine

So you’d like to know more about citrine… It is commonly believed as successor to topaz, the stone it shares a title with as November’s stone of the month. However, the reality is that the title along with some other fun specs may be all that they share.

The Deal
Citrine belongs to the large quartz family, a strong family of many faces and so very plentiful (affordable), it’s almost a crime not to want to be a part of it.

The Ooh Factor
Aside from this, citrine and topaz do have overlaps in their respected color families, and whether or not you trust it to be true, they are both also rumored to possess powers metaphysical. Being able to wear something that connotes such positivity is just great to entertain regardless!

The Name
Citrine is smartly named after (you guessed it) the flavor and color of lemon, which has a long list of magical phenomena of its own.

The Rarity
Yellow occurs naturally in quartz only when traces of iron can be found in the silicon dioxide, so it’s pretty rare. And because yellow stones don’t come a dime a dozen in the gem world, most of the stones you see in the trade today have possibly been rendered yellow chemically by a heat treatment called burning.  A trained specialist can tell the difference between the two by noting the subtly striped finish of the treated and the cloudy trademark of the natural.

The Distance
It’s then awesome to know that citrine is natural in its produced yellow and that its color range doesn’t just stop there. From sunny lemon yellows to deep autumn red browns, citrine has your love of warm colors in check.

Now you know a little backstory behind our flavor of the month! Check it out as center stone below on a ring exclusively designed by yours truly, F&B!

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