Size Does Matter

We have talked about why knowing your ring size is important, but when it comes to the size of the center stone, does it matter? Yes, but not in the way you think. The bigger it seems, the more flattering it might be on a woman, creating the illusion of daintiness or added femininity in a loved one’s hand. It is also telling of how much hard-earned work and thoughtfulness went into the design. These reasons go beyond superficial measures and this is because it’s all about communication. So maybe we’re not just talking about size alone. Your ring will be a symbol of everlasting love, a keeper for a keeper. So really, we need to think: what does she like?

Notice that earlier we did not say “the bigger it actually is.” A trend populating the Internet for some time now? Huge rocks. This doesn’t only apply to diamonds, so if you were looking for a more cost efficient stone, gems fortunately come in a variety of sizes and colors. And here is how the overall design comes into play. Going big doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend big. There are plenty of colored stone choices to make your ring really pop. It means you can embellish to your heart’s desire in the way metal is wrapped around that gorgeous rock. Also, halos can help make a smaller stone appear larger as well without taking away from the center stone, rather, are used to enhance. Another alternative is to go with less metal and opt for accent stones in your preferred setting to make the ring itself shimmer all the more. Our other blog posts can help brief you on other important information in more detail. So to conclude...  

Size matters. In thought, in heart, in speech, in action. Take your time, we're here to help. 

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