5 Important Thoughts to Consider About Your Ring

We wish to cater to your needs as best we can here at Fire & Brilliance. And whether or not you decide that we are a perfect fit in helping you celebrate the precious moments of life, there are 5 important thoughts you should consider before solidifying your decision about your jewelry of choice.

1) Allergy to Metal(s)
Our select variety of metals include 14k and 18k gold (in yellow, rose, and white), .950 palladium, .950 platinum and others by request. Although we appreciate metals of all kinds, but we want to make sure that the one you have your heart set on won’t be any trouble in the long run. We’re talking allergies. Some metal choices are made up of other metals and chemical properties that might irritate the skin with prolonged contact. So if you or a loved one has a metal allergy and would like to know more about what goes into each, please see our blog A Metal for Every Rock for more details!

2) Metal Purity
The higher in purity the gold, the softer and darker it will be. The lower, the harder and lighter. The hue of your metal is completely up to preference, of course, but if you’re leaning more towards higher purity, it may be too soft to sustain itself from scratches or bumps and any side accent stones from getting lost. Mixed metals have more of a chance of retaining durability and design to last you for much longer. What to do? Fortunately, there is a metal out there with your name on it. Let us know if you would like our assistance. More on this is in the same blog we covered on metal types (link in description above)!

3) Color of Gem
We have mentioned Morganite, we have answered with Moissanite, Amora, and Diamond, and just recently gave you the inside scoop on the Tourmaline Scene. Name the color, and there’s a gem for it. We do the extensive research so that you don’t have to. There are so many that can be mixed and matched to create the look that you so desire. And each have accumulated over years and years symbolism, representations of emotional significance that might be better able to articulate what you need to. That, and they’re just so fun to even think about!

4) Design Aesthetics
If you had a design after your own heart but needed help visualizing it, we’ve got you covered!
For the shape of your gem… A Cut Above
For possible side stone settings… For All of Eternity, or Just Half
For a vintage feel… Milgrain: In the Details
For the avante-garde… Why Art Deco?
For more bling in your ring… The Halo
or for keeping it classic… Solitaire: The New Classic
Understanding the elements that go into designing your jewelry can definitely narrow down your choices! We love that we get to create custom designs for fashion fans from distant lands (and near) on platforms that let us do it all.

5) Finger Size
Lastly, this is one of the most important factors to think about. Dependent on finger size, ring designs will vary in stone count, metal amount, and cost is determined by the extent of labor. If you have set financial plans, just as Emmy Award winning fashion guru Tim Gunn so often inspires his designers to do, we can always “make it work!”

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