Fall Back: Fashion Repeats

Some of us try to stay away from outfit repeats as much as possible for the sake of variety or originality. There are always ways to work around it such as prepping for a change in accessories, outerwear, or kicks. Maybe you paired your favorite button down with those pants before and wanted to wear them again. Lady or gentleman, you can always switch out the statement jewelry pieces so they’re not the ones you wore the other day. Are you feeling hats today? What about that other bag in your closet? Heels or flats? Semi-formal or relaxed? You can color block with contrasting colors, go for a more monochromatic look, or stick with neutrals. Textures can be fun to mix and match; we like to do that in fall the most just because with being able to wear more after spring and summer, there are so many more options! Break out your suede, leather, silk, lace, and denim. They’re all in season!

We’re finding that it’s become a popular trend this fall to wear turtlenecks underneath some of your summer go-to’s, saving them for more head-turning ensembles. Caftans for example; with the right prints and color combos, the easy, breezy beauties can be worn into fall. See below, lead singer Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane donning a gorgeous black and white caftan in 1967 at the Monterey Pop Festival (RecordMecca.com). The embellishments on this silhouette are perfect for this season!

Turtlenecks look best with ornate collar necklaces, long hemmed overcoats, and scarves light in weight (like ones in silk)! This just one of so many other fall fashion trends. If this one doesn’t work for you, maybe another will. Nevertheless, fashion repeats aren’t so bad if you know exactly how to do it!

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