Holiday, Celebrate!

With the gift of jewelry, that is! Whether it’s for yourself or for a loved one, jewelry can communicate what you might not be able to at times when words just aren’t enough. The idea behind celebration and/or fashion accessories is simply to have fun and celebrate life. Maybe an important event has inspired you to make the choice, like a job promotion, the birthing of a new baby, or you just wanted to add some more flavor to your wardrobe. Sometimes we just need something… different.

The individual often strives to be different, but “different” can be difficult to achieve when mass-production allows everybody to be the same. With my experience in attending schools with strict uniform policies since pre-k, I’ve learned that “different” is found in your own styling of the items that someone else might also have in their closet. You can go minimal, mod, retro, boho, grunge, chic, the list continues. You don’t even have to belong to any one category. And why? Because you can. So the question now is: how are you going to wear your jewelry? You can stack, mix and match colors and shapes, you can juxtapose with rough and smooth textures, or you can wear over-sized rings on every other finger.

Celebration accessories are great for all occasions, to dress up or down with. And with Halloween coming, they’ll really help to express what you need to without say, just display. I find truth in thinking if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Feeling good on the outside can help you feel even better on the inside.

Thanks for reading!

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