5 Sure Ways to Drop a Hint

When you know, you know. But that sometimes means your S.O. is not also in the know. How do you get them to know, you know? I know. 


This is where having friends becomes really useful. You can voice your opinions about what you like, what you don't like, tag them in ring modeling videos and stylized photos of your dream engagement ring(s) in the middle of the night when you can't sleep (we see you). When the time comes and he's ready to pop the big question, he can ask everything about your preferences right down to the ring size through your immediate outlets. Friends. They'll be there for you.  


Sometimes the best way to drop a hint, albeit a hard-to-miss one, is to just 'fess up and tell your S.O. exactly what's up. Or what's going down. Slang has evolved in all directions, hasn't it? Anyway, you know what you want; tag him on social media! Let him know you're ready for him to be ready. There should be no shame in making your #relationshipgoals become a reality on your own. 


If you've followed us for a while, you know we're big on Pinteresting. You'll see on our page that we're a fan of it all. If there's a specific cut of stone or setting style you dig, we've pinned it. And it's a gold mine for that special someone who wants everything to be a complete surprise and doesn't want to leak any information tied to it to anyone in communication with you. So start that Pinspiration board and maybe leave it up in a browser accidentally or somehow tell him how you've been active on Pinterest lately in a casual convo. He'll know where to go. 



One thing that'll tip him over is subscribing to bridal mags. Or just all that's within the bridal realm for that matter. Your social media news feeds can be overflowing with wonderful wedding craze. It might freak him out a bit, but that just means it might prompt you two to have the talk. And if you bookmark your sources, he'll have a better idea of what you're into through all the overwhelming content. 

Drop a Hint

Last, but certainly not least, some jewelry websites, as well as our very own, has an easy, clickable option to literally "Drop A Hint." You can spot it right underneath "Add to Cart," where you can notify the recipient that you're super excited about a certain item, or items. There's no reason why you should be limited to just one, girl. After all, the final decision is in your S.O.'s hands, or it will be when we have it all shipped and ready to go! You can also choose to send this "Hint" to a close friend, which brings us full circle.

These are all interrelated one way or another, but we hope that you're leaving this blog encouraged and motivated. We do us so that you can do you. Happy shopping!

Photography | Jessica Purgason
Rings | Fire & Brilliance

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