5 Reasons Why People Love Alexandrite Gemstones

1. Their Color-Changing Capabilities – Alexandrites are beautiful stones that display two dramatically different colors, depending on the lighting they're exposed to: a bluish-green in natural light and a reddish-purple hue in artificial light. This helps them to stand out from other colored gemstones.
2. Rarity – Most gemstones occur in various parts of the world. Alexandrite, however, is much more rare, and only found in a few areas around the world, including India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, and Brazil.

3. Celebrated Birthday – It's said that Alexandrite was discovered on the birthday of Tsar Alexander II of Russia, giving the gemstone a significant association with royalty.


4. Variety of Shapes – Alexandrite is available in a range of shapes, from oval to round, pear to cushion, making it perfect for use in any jewelry piece, from earrings to pendants to rings.

5. Symbol of Luck and Abundance – In India, these stones are seen as a symbol of luck and abundance, and are said to bring good health and success, as well as relieve depression.

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