The Cut That Makes You Go "Oh!"

We’re talking about just one of the many beautiful shapes that the gem of your choosing can be cut into, a shape that has captured us heart and soul from the start: the Oval.

When we think “classic” gem shape, we almost always picture the Round Brilliant Cut, which on its own expresses to us (without saying much) the satisfaction we might feel to see such perfected beauty and symmetry in motion. All that is round surrounds us; these emotional ties we have to the Round Brilliant are certainly not severed when we are met with the Oval. Given that these two share more similarities than one, we can conclude that we can also find ourselves lost in the different, but sure perfected beauty of the Oval.


Why love it? There’s a strange allure about it, that no matter how long or which way you look at one, it will tell you a story untold every time. In my opinion, the Oval has advantages over some of the other gem shapes in that it looks antique, a must-have style currently making rounds in various fashion circles on social media. We love old vintage because history is what got us here and we equally love new-age vintage because that history becomes revamped without losing any of the narrative. It’s okay to time-travel through jewelry, we encourage it! Also because it’s an elongated round shape, it can make your hand look and feel daintier as it aligns vertically with your fingers. If you wanted more of an effortless feminine touch to your look, the Oval delivers.

For reference, we can look to Princess Diana for inspiration! For her engagement in 1981, she smartly chose an 18-carat Oval sapphire as center piece to a surrounding cluster of diamonds. Word spread like wild fire and for quite a long while, too. Prior to the event, this kind of setting was rarely ever seen before and now, it’s one of the most imitated (a trend made timeless). The ring now a family heirloom, presently sits pretty on the finger of Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Kate Middleton.

Above, photographed by Laura Hernandez Photography, is our version of the well talked-about royal ring, appropriately named: The Duchess.

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