5 Ways We Love to Say "I Do"

So you’re planning a wedding. Whether you choose to do it up big with everyone you know or opt for a more intimate ceremony with just your closest loved ones, there is much to be done and the possibilities are endless. After the big ask, you will probably find yourself with many more asks—the what’s, who’s, how’s, where’s, and whys of the ceremony to follow. Don’t fret, here are a few ways to tie the knot in style. We’ve selected five very different themes (some can be paired together) to help you narrow it all down so that your special day becomes as memorable as it needs to be.

Vintage Glamour
In fashion, we admire forward-thinkers, but oftentimes these forward-thinkers think backwards, or rather, backwards in time. And it certainly isn’t a bad thing that they do. Everything that thrives now (e.g. art, fashion, music) is because of what began thriving then. We’ll also admit that this theme is super fun to play with. Your playlist can consist of songs appropriate to the era of your choice. Popular color arrangements to consider might be to pair warm browns with metallics, pearly whites, and other warm colors, added in moderation, can add that modern twist you were looking for. The most fun you’ll have, we think, is choosing from a wide array of vintage or vintage-inspired bridal gowns and suit styles. Some of our friends from Etsy might be able to help you with that.

Why not take the party elsewhere? It can be the costlier option for yourself and the guests, but at least you’ll know that the truest of friends will try to make the ceremony no matter where you are. Also, it can be a fun vacation for everyone! Depending on where you travel to, you can frame all of your wedding themes around the prearranged destination. For example, if it is to Hawaii, you can deck out in traditional Hawaiian garb, and entertain guests with the music, food, and talent of the islands. Also, you can play with all the bright colors of the rainbow here.

Rustic Chic
The rustic theme is blowing up on the Pinterest boards. It is one of the most popular trending wedding themes out there and there’s nothing on the internet you won’t find on it. It has a very rural-meets-industrial DIY feel to it, and we love how each one can be so unique. There is a lot of play on texture with fabrics and props, combined with muted pastels for color arrangements. It’s really ideal for the detail-attentive nature-lovers.

Beach Wedding
Here’s a wedding where shoes are completely optional. Beach weddings have been around for ages and the idea never really gets old. For a lot of people, the beach is a getaway (and a home away from home) closer than say, somewhere way across the world, so it is more accessible than a destination wedding. If you can’t go to Hawaii or the Bahamas, you can always bring them to you. It’s great for the warmer seasons such as spring and summer which means you can go lighter in color and in clothing.

If you wanted to keep it classic, traditional is the choice for you. Morning ceremonies are often held inside of a chapel. Next to other themes that may feel overdone, traditional brings all matters back to where the heart is. Instead, there are subthemes to explore within this theme that’ll wow and pow just as much as the others. It works with all seasons, which means you can always play with color palettes belonging to each. You have more creative freedom with selecting venues, food, music, and décor with this theme. Some may feel inspired to pay homage to their cultural backgrounds and will do so accordingly, following the traditions of the ones before them.  

Did you find the theme you were looking for? If not, we hope that we helped in the making of your choice regardless. Good luck!

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