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This past weekend, we of Fire & Brilliance had the privilege of meeting with the head executives of Charles & Colvard in the heart of North Carolina. It is renowned as the first company to introduce the well-loved, synthetic Moissanite into the market, making the romantic descendent from our stars more accessible for more to love. Working in front of a digital blank canvas on the daily as a jewelry designer, I was extremely eager to meet with Charles & Colvard and learn of the gem that I have enjoyed incorporating into a good portion of my own custom designs. There was also great promise in a big reveal and celebration of their new line; we were to be one of the only selected groups of people to experience the exclusivity of this unveiling. And so with knowing how far C&C has come in continuously improving their variety of Moissanite, I just could not sit still on the flight there.

Upon arriving, we were warmly welcomed to dine in the company of Marketing Vice President Sarah Williams, Content Manager Kristen Pagan, and Creative Director Dan Woodruff at Raleigh Times Bar. I was immediately charmed with light waves of an ambrosial fragrance of flavors and the speak-easy ambiance of the quaint restaurant. We later learn that it used to be the former home of a newspaper company by the same name. There is an unspoken beauty in the rich history of certain establishments such as this, to know passion was driven here and continues to be. On a related note about deep-rooted history, Fire & Brilliance has been in connection with C&C since its first production of Moissanite. Over the years, we have watched their business market bloom and boom right alongside ours.

As the evening carried on, we came to understand that C&C’s team dynamic is very much similar to that of F&B. It’s definitely refreshing to meet people, regardless of distance in geography, with equally, if not more, big personalities such as us native Californians. To know that this group is led by such open-minded creative thinkers and leaders, we are proud and have no trouble placing faith in the strong pillars that hold Charles & Colvard.

Their headquarters, located in Morrisville, was just a while away from where we were staying. Once in the building, we were introduced to some of the staff, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are made up of an incredible, efficient number of less than 100 people. Their assigned systems of operations work and it is a definite thanks to the creative leadership of Merchandise, Production, and Distribution Vice President Robert G. Curry. We were shown, by Curry and company, the varying stages of how raw gem stones become as nicely tailored as we see them in the market. From a design standpoint, I listened intently for information about the inner workings, the story behind the story that I try to create with my custom designs. I tend to be inspired by the everyday and the one-of-a-kind, the never-before-seen, and objects you would never tire of seeing over and over. I like to appreciate any and all, and let it be known for everyone interested that this feeling can be felt in my work. It is important for me to know the process because of this, the efforts that go into the making of this synthetic gem, especially because one of the best parts of my job is to place it on display and highlight its every attribute as it takes center stage.

For quite some time now, we have admired Moissanite for its stand-alone beauty as a gem in its own right. Its ability to impress with a nearly colorless grade range is undeniable. Curry made note of always wanting to improve their product, for his production team to persist in going just one step further, every time. From observing its raw form and the end result, he saw that there was more potential in the gem and that it was not impossible of a task to pursue. Through strenuous bouts of experimentation, strategy, trial and error, his team was able to consistently produce better, and even better versions of Moissanite. And with each upgrade, with the Forever Classic and Forever Brilliant, we know that C&C has a wide range of Moissanite varieties for admirers to choose from. And then, in mid-summer, August of 2015, the big reveal was announced. It is of great pleasure to share in the rejoicing of recent news that C&C is now able to produce and sell Moissanite, colorless, with an impeccable grade of up to color grade D!

I was floored! How could so much of a good thing be that much of a good thing? As all this new information was trickling in, we gem enthusiasts at F&B marveled at how perfectly apropos this new Moissanite fit into the Forever family. With thoughts of romanticizing the gem and creating a cohesive collection, the marketing team at Charles & Colvard carefully crafted titles and even color assignments for each Moissanite collection. We will soon have beloved collections of the Forever Classic, the Forever Brilliant, and now finally, with the new addition of the Forever One. With that in mind, we can then allude to this as a reflection of C&C as a unified unit that continually strives to best itself while holding true to important company values: one, brilliant, and classic.

We loved our short visit to HQ and cannot wait to be a part of promoting the Forever Family and its new addition! In the jewelry design world, the more to select from definitely fashion evangelists. With our specialty in custom fine jewelry, F&B wants our customers to feel respected and valued in the sense that they feel they are getting out more than they put in. Charles & Colvard has incredulously made our job to please our ever-growing audience of fashion aficionados and starry-eyed romantics much easier in making Moissanite and its wide range of color grades more accessible for all.

Here is an exciting short video that we made, comparing a natural diamond to the Amora Gem and the new Forever One Moissanite by Charles & Colvard. - Enjoy!



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