4 Reasons Why Natural Diamonds Are Overrated

Natural diamonds are a timeless symbol of love that have come to be associated with luxury and status. They may have a reputation of being incredibly romantic and valuable, but they can also be an overrated choice when it comes to engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry.

Here are 4 Reasons Why Natural Diamonds are Overrated:

1. They Are Expensive and Often Overpriced: Diamonds are some of the most expensive and overpriced gemstones in the market. This is because diamond dealers use a lot of fancy marketing rather than focusing on the actual quality (cut, color, clarity, carat) of the diamond. Diamonds are rarely worth the price tag that is put on them. 


2. Their Value Is Unstable: Unlike other metals and gemstones, the value of diamonds is extremely unstable and unpredictable. Unlike gold, which has a stable value and can be resold for close to market price, diamonds tend to drop in value the minute they are purchased.


3. Non-Ethical Mining Practices: Due to the brutal civil wars and human rights violations in countries that produce diamonds, such as Sierra Leone and Angola, purchasing diamonds may contribute to the exploitation of workers and resources.


4. They Are Unsustainable: The mining of diamonds is a destructive process that severely damages the environment and natural resources. Mining diamonds can have a large environmental impact, both from the massive amount of energy and materials needed to extract them, and from the destruction of habitat and sediment disruption caused by the extraction process. This can often severely damage local ecosystems, leading to the destruction of animal populations, diminished water supplies and soil destruction.


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