4 Benefits to The Split Shank

Split between choosing setting styles for your perfect engagement ring? Sometimes the answer is right in front of you. One of those times... is now. The split shank adds personality, a little something extra, to accentuate your center stone and can be customized to your preference.



Basically: It's a single band that creates a flattering open space (revealing some bare skin), splitting into two as it meets on either side of the center stone. There are many benefits to choosing this nouveau element, ideal for someone who wants to make their gemstone the star of the show. We've narrowed it all down to the four essentials (Click on any of the gifs of products for more info): 

A Larger Stone is a Happy Stone

No matter the size of your gemstone, the split shank will create the optical illusion that your stone is larger than it actually is with open airways. Who would want to spend less on something that looks more flattering? Everyone and their mom. Also, is the head of that ring floating or do I need coffee?

Perfectly Balanced As All Things Should Be

A common pet peeve that happens when wearing rings is that it can slip and slide off, causing you to constantly have to turn it back into place. The split shank covers more surface, has more of a hold onto your skin, creating more tension to better stay in place. The strength of two bands in one, BAM. Much zen, very power.

The Luxury of Choice

Whether you desire a vintage-inspired or a clean minimal look, you can choose to customize with so many design variations that can make your ring unique to you. Whether you adjust the width, depth, and silhouette of the band, the split shank really delivers on being the best wingman for that center stone in a matter of speaking. And so is the pup above. (Photograph of our ring on a model bride by Amber Amelingmeier from De Joy Photography) CUTE!

A Sprinkle of Pavé? You Slay!

When you combine pavé set stones and the split shank together, the compliments just keep on coming. You end up with all this additional surface area for accent gems. That's twice the glitter possibility! We've just gone up in an elevator from an already high floor. We've just added cherries to a rich chocolate sundae. Scratch the coffee, I think I know what my priorities are.

Beyoncé, the Feyoncé

Split shanks in Hollywood for reference? Jay Z proposed to the Queen Bey herself in 2008 with a whopping 18 carat emerald cut diamond on a split-shank setting, you'd best believe he's Crazy in Love and I am all for that Art Deco extravagance. (Photo Courtesy Unknown)

You can get the same look without spending the same amount of dime by customizing. Just a thought.

Aside from the above mentioned, no matter what cut or shape you choose for your jewelry, the split shank will pretty much does a lot of the talking to make sure your stone looks GOOD. Okay? Okay.

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