Solitaire: The New Classic

The way an individual chooses to style their clothes, accessories, or shoes, can reflect his or her personality and self-worth in volumes. With so many styles to choose from in relation to preferences in fine jewelry design and accents to embellish with such, it might be difficult for future “other halves” to truly condense the entirety of a person’s character in a ring. Sometimes, keeping simple might actually get the idea across a bit better; it is just a different approach. There is a commonly drawn line between the simple and complex, but simplicity can allow hints at complexity, which in turn may reap the benefits of being appreciated in full. We have an example of this in the elegant, timeless Solitaire ring.

A solitaire ring features one center stone of your choice in carat weight, and shape. It also allows you to play with shank styles such as or adjacent to Cathedral and Lucerne settings. Pictured below is our 14k White Gold, 6 Prong, Marquise Moissanite (with thanks to Charles and Colvard) Solitaire.

As you may have gathered, the number and styling of prongs for the center stone are also up to choice. This is a pinched shank style, which means it has a wider top profile than its base and is tapered in towards the stone.

Clear, concise, and to the point, the solitaire is a choice for all because it can say all with minimal amount of design. A handful of Hollywood husbands might agree as two of our favorite Hollywood solitaire rings are from Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade and TV and film actor Ashton Kutcher. Wade presented Gabrielle Union with an “8.5 cushion-cut diamond solitaire,” a knock-out of a ring, and Kutcher presented The 70’s Show co-star and now-wife Mila Kunis with a gorgeous 5-carat round-cut solitaire.

To choose solitaire is not without inputting whole-hearted thought and emotion, it is a type of reflected purity because of its stand-alone strength in setting the standard, the new classic.  

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