The Halo

Before we delve into what it means for an engagement ring to have a halo setting (which is quite a popular choice in current times), let us brief you on the popular and still-relevant geometric shape known as the halo.

A halo, a type of religious iconography found in early art history, often takes the form of a ring of light or a disk-like glow that levitates above or is attached to a person’s head. On whom the artists decide is worthy of wearing a projection of Heaven’s enveloping light helps us identify the holy or sacred figures in their art. It can be used in modern times as a metaphorical way of associating people with angels come to earth or as exuding angelic behavior (or the opposite, if used facetiously).

In jewelry design, haloes are not so unlike how they are portrayed historically. They, too, envelop their subject with a ring of light, one that can hug the contours of any stone shape, or cut, making them as versatile as accents come. For those that live more active lifestyles and are concerned about the pointy edges of certain fancy gem cuts, it is appropriate to choose a rounder or less pointy halo to match. For example, you can always pair a princess cut with a round halo or a rounder square shaped halo. It is also appropriate it choose a rounder square shaped halo for a round brilliant cut, for the sake of design appeal.

So how does the same idea in earlier art apply in jewelry? The refractive properties of smaller round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds, held by the metal of your choice, emit an extraordinary fire and brilliance that draws our focus towards the now seemingly larger center stone with even more fire and brilliance. Like little worker bees fighting to protect and defend the honor of their beloved queen bee, the diamonds on a halo ring setting (or sometimes faceted color gems) are smaller than the center stone to scale, and so they act as an optical illusion to make, say, a half-carat diamond as the center, look as much as twice its original size. Haloes can also be multiplied, as much as a recommended limit of 3, which means if you were to want a lot of dazzle while on a smaller budget, selecting a smaller center stone with the addition of your number choice of halos might be the right choice for you.

We are to conclude, assuming that a halo ring setting’s purpose is proven effective, that as a result of the added details, the overall design of a ring can spark added interest in others. We can then also entertain the idea that this product of someone’s affections for the wearer is one that has much thought invested in it. Haloes are always an option, and a good one at that, because they are meant to enhance the beauty of what is already beautiful.

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