Moissanite Meets Pop Culture

For many, the romanticism surrounding precious stones used to memorialize precious moments in history may have increasingly heightened with the introduction of moissanite. As moissanite was first discovered as a descendent from our stars in a meteorite 50,000 years ago, it can be easy to create ties between the gem, admirers, and fates of the universe. Taking into consideration that our own bodies are composed of a good percentage of stardust (according to advancing discoveries of science), there is no question why we may be gravitated towards the stardust in that of moissanite. It is just as we take delight in most subjects symmetrical; we are drawn to that which reminds us of ourselves. Also, with the perks of cancelling out ethical concerns pertaining to the mining of gems, moissanite is as beneficial for the wallet as it is for the earth (See our blog for how the elusive moissanite is manufactured in the lab).

In jewelry design, moissanite can be embraced in a variety of trendy styles. Our company, in particular, will often pair it with diamond settings such as on a 14k White Gold split-shank half-eternity engagement ring. Wrapped with a cushion-cut-shaped diamond halo is moissanite as its center stone, in all its doubly refractive glory. The two gems do not clash, surprisingly. The fire, or color dispersion, in each moissanite and the diamonds work well to complement each other in very nice harmony (see below).

Moissanite, as a stand-alone beauty of a gem, from since it first debuted, has been popularized by celebrities as seen on the red carpet and for other special occasions. A-list celebrities among the names of Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron, and Angelina Jolie have each adorned the synthetic gem in the form of a pair of ornate earrings and/or a necklace. It was also featured on the Tyra Banks show as part of multiple outfits for different times of the day, catering to women on-the-go that want to maintain a comfortable, fashionable look. It not only serves as a statement piece, but a conversation piece as well.

A person’s preference in fine accessories can be very telling of a person’s character. Moissanite, as does everything, still costs a pretty penny, but set apart from other precious stones, it comes with well-meant intentions of sparing the earth from gem-mining. And so if a person were to carefully choose to adorn such a gem, it might allude to their own well-meant intentions of wanting to live a greener life. Over generations, we have increasingly become more aware of our influence on earth as humans that inhabit it and need to take from it to survive. It has become a mainstream and trending idea since to live longer by living green and even if you are just along for the ride, it is a good one to be riding. Whether or not these A-list celebrities want to promote such attitudes towards preserving the nature around us, they are, and it is refreshing to see mankind give back or limit what we have taken and continue to take from our environment. Our time on earth is finite and so it is important to note this and go forward raising awareness and doing our best to make it last as long as it can. Moissanite is a step in the right direction.

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