3 Reasons Why People Choose Solitaire Rings

The way an individual chooses to style their clothes, accessories, or shoes, can reflect his or her personality and self-worth in volumes. With so many styles to choose from in relation to preferences in fine jewelry design and accents to embellish with such, it might be difficult for future “other halves” to truly condense the entirety of a person’s character in a ring. Yet you'll find it can all be said with a solitaire. How you ask?

Living the Simple & Sweet Life

We find it undeniable; sometimes, less really translates as more. When it comes to talking ring design, the solitaire is the ultimate definition of simplicity with an elegant flare. Clear, concise, and to the point, the solitaire is a choice for any and all because it can say everything with minimal amount of design.

Stay Classic

clas·sic ˈklasik/

noun 1. a work of art of recognized and established value.

It's the symbol we recognize as the engagement ring. You know, that thing you should've put on it if you liked it. It's used as the emoji on all smart phone/tablet devices. A tale as old as time, the solitaire, is as plain and crystal clear as the love you have for the person you choose it for.

You're the Main Attraction

However you dress it up with metal, a basket, a gallery, a bridge/cathedral, differently numbered prongs, filigree/milgrain/etching, etc. you can count on these design elements to highlight or bring your attention back towards the center piece, the stone. 

In fashion, remarking about something as "the new black" meant that it was the hottest new trend to wear. Black goes with everything; it's flattering. It's great for color blocking. There's little fuss to make with creating ensembles from your wardrobe. It makes sense. I think I'd like to think of the solitaire in the same light as well. It's complimenting all on its own.

Below, GIA Grad + Founder and Front Man of F&B Michael shares with us the same 3 reasons why he believes people choose solitaire settings. And then among the many options available out there, he shows us just a few solitaire examples that he'd like to discuss in detail (from F&B's own collections). Which one is your favorite?


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