3 Reasons Why People Choose Rings With Basket Designs

There are countless ways to refer to different elements in the art of jewelry design, some of which are interchangeable depending on context, but when talking about "baskets," it's pretty straight forward. The head of the setting usually consists of the prongs, the stone it cradles as center, and any details added to it as a separate component from the rest of the ring. The basket refers to the way filigree, or ornamental work of fine wire formed into delicate tracery, wraps around the head to create a very aesthetically pleasing way to display the stone, especially from side angles. It works how we have always known baskets to work - it holds and carries; in this case, it's also incredibly pretty.

Why would someone consider a basket design? Let's get into that.


One of the key words up there was ornamental. How fancy can you get with ornamentation? Pretty fancy; our designers and clients can get as detailed or minimal as they like, creating 3D patterns that mimic things found in nature, architecture, or even get extremely abstract from pure imagination. This is what would make your piece truly yours or at least not seen in every jewelry store catalog.  

Extra Flair

It's a wow factor. Whether your ring is a solitaire or has diamond accents everywhere with double halos and claw prongs, when someone's checking out all the details and looks from the side or under, they'll be pleasantly surprised to see an unfolding of a story told by wrapped metal. There's no such thing as being "too extra" in our book. 

Overall Look & Feel

Everything we place into art & design has a reason. Just as accessories help to make a wardrobe ensemble pop in just the right ways, a basket can help tie the whole look and feel of your ring together. You can make it as subtle or flashy as much as you want. That is the genius of customization and having almost every possible idea become reality at your fingertips. 

Watch below; GIA Grad + Founder and Front Man of F&B Michael reminds us why they are a popular choice for people with these 3 reasons and proceeds to demonstrate them with a few F&B rings.

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