3 Quick Tips on Deciding Between a Diamond & a Moissanite

What should you consider when choosing Diamond or Moissanite as the center stone to your forever jewelry piece? Here are 3 pointers:

What Matters Most

Is symbolism or tradition at the heart of your decision? Define what an engagement ring ultimately means to you.

Most loved for its notable difference among other natural minerals, the Diamond is a treasure that many have come to know and love as a classic beauty. It is highly valued because of traditional views. However, with the introduction of Moissanite, many are finding value in its origin, purpose, beauty, and more--a recipe that even allows you to save comfortably for all the next important events in your life. And who's to say you can't make a new tradition?

Personal Preference

Within the 4C’s, Diamond has advantages in diverse selection. In color, it has a range of Light to Colorless. In clarity, from I3 to Flawless. And with all cut scales available up to Excellent, carat weight can, too, vary to your liking.

Moissanite can be created in various color grade ranges as well, be cut to mimic the look and feel of a diamond if that's your jam, is environmentally friendly (lab-made), conflict-free, and has more sparkle (2.4 times more). Also, it costs just a fraction of the price!


It all comes down to what you're willing to sacrifice more so than what you can afford. Consider opportunity cost!

Although high in price, the reasons to follow make sense of a diamond's worth. Because Diamond is mined and labor-intensive, it is a rare find (which makes each one that much more special)! Oftentimes, its crystals can be found in quantities more than enough, but there are certain requirements in sizing, proportion, and etc. that they must meet to be marketed in jewelry.

Moissanite allows for more options, more flexibility. You can size up your stone without feeling guilty and because it is made in-lab, you can choose shape, color grade, cut, and size and be sure you're getting exactly what you've ordered and know where from.

Click play below to watch all of this briefly explained to you by our CEO, GIA Grad Michael himself.

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