5 Wedding Trends On Our Radar

The Mason jar. A low-price fixture in hipsterdom with the versatility to play the roles of drinking vessel, keepsake, and rustic decorative, it's no wonder Mason jars have dominated the wedding scene in the last few years. While rustic is still steady mobbin’ receptions today, look for these five wedding trends to buck the reign of faux-rustic. 


Location, Location, Location

An industrial chic themed wedding is all the rage and it really is all about location, location, location. Think bricks and cement, deliberate and tastefully exposed pipes, large factory-esque windows, unfinished ceilings, and wooden entryways. Co-mingling the traditional elegance and beauty of a wedding with a raw, urban atmosphere is certainly one way to stand out. (Click through to view sources from Pinterest. Left; Photo Courtesy Lauren Scotti, Right; Deer Pearl Flowers.)

Something Old, Something New

It was only a matter of time before the tiered traditional wedding cake would find it and its toy bride and groom falling victim to budget cuts. One wedding trend to look out is a fiscally conservative alternative to the traditional wedding cake. The possibilities are endless with dessert options aplenty. We’ve already seen donuts strongholds, cupcake towers, whoopee pie arrangements, and assorted homemade pies. Guests sure don’t seem to mind. (Photo Courtesy Colin Cowie Weddings.)


Whimsical Weddings

In stark contrast to the formality and structure of traditional weddings, a movement towards bohemian-themed weddings celebrates the big day without the big fuss. Centerpieces aren’t decided months in advance and the wedding planner might just be a close friend. Floral crowns and gracefully billowing dresses double down on the seasonal elegance of Mother Nature to create an intimate and memorable event of a lifetime (Photos found on Pinterest)! 

Pink, Pantone, and Plunging Necklines

Spring 2017 promises to be an intriguing break from custom, with bridal markets flashing beautiful non-white bridal colors. Pastel blues, lilac, and pantone are among the options to skip out on the white dress and go as far as renovating with capes, veils, and options that’ll show lots and lots of skin (Photo Courtesy Emily Riggs and Love 4 Wed).

Drone On

Another potentially prominent wedding participant? Drones. As technology becomes more sophisticated and reliable, drones equipped with high-end cameras can take wedding pictures from, well, everywhere. The worst part about drones hovering above a wedding and indiscriminately snapping endless streams of photos? You’ll see everyone’s candid reactions, frozen in time. The best part about drones? You’ll see everyone’s candid reactions, frozen in time.

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