The Art of Accessorizing

How is it that some people always seem to wear just the right accessories in just the right ways? Is being consistently fashionable an innate gift or is there a cheat sheet (complete with a detailed flowchart) that’s being kept under the wraps? Style is constantly in flux, and keeping up with trends can unintentionally become a subjective matter of taste.

Here are a few golden rules for how to harmonize your outfit with your jewelry:

Less Is More

We defer to Coco Chanel and her “less is more” philosophy on accessorizing: “Always remove one thing before going out the door.” If you’re wearing a pretty conservative outfit, don’t hesitate to wear one memorable piece such as a loud cuff bracelet or even an oversized watch. A deliberate contrast between outfit and accessory is a statement with the accessory serving as a foothold for personality (our exclusive custom design below is listed here).


It’s All About You

Picking the right jewelry and accessories for an outfit should have a two-fold purpose. First, the right pieces will beautify your outfit and heighten your confidence. Second, the right pieces will showcase your personality and tell onlookers a little about who you are and what you’re about. Sure, this seems a lot easier said than done, so keep reading.

Do Your Homework

There’s never a master cheat sheet that’s going to replace good old hard work. And by hard work, we mean spending time on Pinterest and on Instagram and immersing yourself in the vast and sharply divided world of fashion tips. You’ll hear totally partisan views and absolutes that contradict one another. The good news? It’s up to you to decide what works for you (our solitaire collection can be viewed here).

Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, and Things

Noteworthy tips on common accessories like necklaces, earrings, and rings include making sure your accessories are compatible to you. Make them do work: a long strand necklace can make you look leaner, while rings, like eyeglasses, should take into consideration the shape of the wearer’s head. Know yourself and pick accessories that compliment you.

Exhibit A: Exceptions

Sure, generally, less might be more. But tell that to Pharrell Williams and his now iconic oversized dented derby hat. Throw in the seemingly out-of-place beaded bracelets and any assortment of rings that the producer might elect to wear (which may include a 26-carat canary yellow diamond ring and a 23-carat white diamond)— and you have Exhibit A: Exceptions. Don’t be afraid to break the rules.

Time and Place

Setting aside fantasies of pulling off a Smokey the Bear hat, it is important to note that time and place have some say on how you plan on pairing your accessories and your outfit. First day of work? Maybe leave the over-sized and bedazzled behind and go for a subtle and memorable piece—a conversation piece that’s interesting enough to get noticed but not interesting enough to cause notice. Accessorize as you would reveal personal details about yourself—as you become more comfortable and confident.

These rules are meant to be broken. Draw inspiration from icons, music moguls, Instagram fashionistas, but jewelry is uniquely personal and what works seamlessly for some might not work the same for others. Know yourself and the rest will follow.

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