Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

The established tradition of the bride wearing “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” to her wedding has Victorian roots that date back to 1898.

“Something old” considers fortitude and continuity, while “something new” represents optimism for the future. “Something borrowed” is to borrow good fortune from a close friend or family member and “something blue” pays homage to ancient Rome, where blue on a bride meant modesty, fidelity, and love.

Mostly, however, it is yet another fun way to flaunt your creativity on the big day. Here are some of our favorite ideas for “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” (Photo Courtesy Laura Hernandez Photography. See our rings like never before seen in this photo shoot here!) 

Something Old

Sure, it is easy to fall in love with the idea of incorporating a family heirloom with the theme of continuity. But if you don’t have family heirlooms or are uncertain of how a necklace, bracelet, vintage brooch would match with your outfit, you could consider opting for the veil your mother wore on her wedding day. A simple veil is timeless and classic and its emotional significance will pair well with any outfit (Left: Lexia Frank Photography, Right: Frenzy Flare.)


Something New

It’s almost too tempting and easy to go out and treat yourself to statement earrings or bracelets. But if you really want to get creative, consider this personal favorite idea for something new: a discreetly placed temporary tattoo that’ll have you feeling playful and optimistic for a future filled with smiles.

Something Borrowed

Between the decidedly feminine old, new, and blue, something borrowed can be a great opportunity to bring dad into the tradition. Borrowing a cufflink or a button from an old tuxedo and creatively seaming it into your outfit or bouquet will surely add to that loan of good fortune (another alternative is to attach borrowed items to a pin; DIY Courtesy Pinterest).

Something Blue

Wearing blue undergarments or a blue garter is a safe play to fall back on but blue can be included in any number of ways. Our favorite? Bold and empowering sapphire earrings that would stand up to Rome’s once-imposing empire (or our exclusive custom design above with aquamarine as center stone is sure to cure your questing blues)! If you’re really in a bind, you can always throw in a few blue blooms in a flower bouquet for a more delicate and subtle approach.

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