5 Mother's Day Gifts
She'll Want to Keep

On the second Sunday of May, sandwiched between Easter and Memorial Day, we celebrate Mother’s Day. Did you know “Mother’s Day” was purposefully named in the singular possessive rather than the plural possessive (“Mothers’ Day”) so each family would honor the mothers in their lives? It gives the day a much more personal vibe and makes you think a little more about the special mothers in your life. Mother’s Day also has a funny way of creeping up on us—we’re just about a week away. What are you getting your mom this year? Here’s our list of gifting ideas:

1. Home and Hearth – Heath Ceramics

For a Mother’s Day gift that speaks to the mom that is synonymous with home and hearth, this multi-stem vase stands out with its contemporary lines and is a work of art with or without flowers.

2. Point and Shoot – Polaroid Instant Snap Digital Camera

Okay, so your mom isn’t the most tech savvy mother in the world—she has an email address now but she’s still opening up those spam emails you keep telling her not to open. She’s been asking about Facebook accounts but you’re quick to change the subject. Polaroid’s Instant Snap Digital Camera combines the latest tech with a concept as simple as it is memorable.

3. Green Thumbs - Mother-in-Law Tongue Plant

If you’re sending the same tired bouquet of roses or tulips every year or overplaying the orchid card, it’s time to throw mom a green curve ball. Specifically, Sansevieria trifasciata, or the mother-in-law’s tongue plant. Not only is it tolerant of low light levels and irregular watering, it absorbs toxins to improve indoor air quality. Also, in the right planter, it is stunning to look at.

4. The Music Box – Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable
This vintage portable turntable will allow mom to listen to her favorite nostalgic vinyl throwbacks or digital beats with built-in speakers and MP3 compatibility. Throw in an array of colorful choices and a pack-and-go design, this is one gift that’ll be a conversation piece for years to come.

5. An Unforgettable Gift – Jewelry

Of course, nothing tells mom she still shines brightest in your life as an unexpected gift of jewelry. Whether your opt for one of our exclusively custom designed engagement ring settings or select from our ethically sourced, precious and semi-precious loose gem collection, get mom a truly unforgettable gift this year!

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