Hottest Engagement Ring Trend: The Stackable

At Fire & Brilliance, it’s our business to keep up with latest styles and fashions, especially if we think it is one that is here to stay. Right now, we can’t get enough of the stacked rings trend that’s taken over the industry. While stacked rings have been around for quite awhile, the recent surge in its popularity can’t be ignored. Here’s what you need to know (Pictured below are our custom designs of Item F600355-RH-SP and CS60).

Modern women are pairing wedding bands to complement their engagement rings, allowing them to wear both at the same time rather than choosing one over the other. Moreover, stacked rings allow for broad creativity and flexibility and reflect personal taste—the selection of metals, stones, styles, and settings showcases your own unique style. Pairing matching bands and engagement rings isn’t obligatory—in fact, juxtaposing the two makes for an irresistible eclectic statement.

Currently, we love contrasting white gold and yellow gold with a third rose gold band. The three distinct colors offer a blueprint of the endless possibilities to come. Setting white diamonds on white gold and pink diamonds on rose gold, for example, highlight the metals so that the rings can be worn separately and stand on their own.

Are stacked rings here to stay? We definitely think so. Not only do stacked rings offer an alternative to a conservative single ring look, strategic stacking enhances the original engagement ring and makes for a flashy self-aware assertion (See the set below in action on our Instagram here). Which metals, stones, and styles reflect you?


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