What Does This Ring
Say About You?

Before the big day. Before the out-of-body experience of slipping into your wedding dress and feeling transformed. Before your closest friends tell you how beautiful you look. Before you shake the jitters with one deep breath and walk down the aisle. Before husband and wife, the first dance, the speeches and toasts, the whirlwind of chit-chat and selfies with guests that you can’t wait to see on Instagram....

Before the big planning decisions. Who can we leave off the list? Are we willing to wait that long for the venue? Which floral arrangements? Wedding cake flavor? Live music? Vegetarian option? Open bar? Open bar.

Even before you find the perfect dress. That one you first dreamed about during recess and have been ever since. Like you, it hasn’t stayed the same—Disney, simple bordering on rebellious, timeless, intricacies here and there that reflect your taste and style….

These wedding planning chapters begin with the ring, Frodo. But here’s a wizardly tip: Best for Bride is a one-stop shop for all of your bridal needs.

What does this ring say about you? We’ve picked five distinct ring designs and the personalities we’d associate with them. What are your thoughts on these designs?

1. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

With 64 side stones surrounding the center stone, this design reflects a big personality that likes to see and be seen. The personality is at ease leading the group, knowing full well that others look up to them and rely on their head-turning features.   

2. The Old Soul

The distinct color, size, and shape of the ring is indicative of a personality wise beyond their years. This personality doesn’t get enamored by trends and doesn’t get influenced by others. Not only are they unusually sensitive, these personalities have rare perceptive abilities for identifying beauty.


3. The Importance of Being Earnest

The plain Jane band purposefully places all the attention on the round brilliant cut diamond. This design is perfect for the no-nonsense personalities. These personalities skip the frills and get directly to the point. Playing their cards close to the chest, these personalities are confident in a “less is more” approach. 

4. East Meets West: They Party

Eschewing tradition and opting for the eclectic, the three-stone design reflects a trendsetting personality. Such personalities may sometimes be misunderstood as not knowing what they want. In fact, it is just the opposite. They know exactly what they want and are going with Option D: all of the above.

5. The Blue Blood

The ornate design of the ring suggests a personality with lineage. These personalities treasure their past and heritage but are definitely not stuck in the past. Rather, these personalities are typically identified with having strong values and excellent judgment, leading by example and purposeful dignity.


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