10 Tips to Make Sure Your Wedding Dress and Jewelry Match

Best for Bride returns for another guest blog for Fire & Brilliance! Here are 10 sure ways to have your wedding dress and jewelry ensemble ready to go, style-wise, on the day of. 

Choosing wedding jewelry is just as exciting and challenging as choosing a wedding dress. Jewelry that complements the bridal gown will not only add the finishing touches to your wedding day look, but also enhance your beauty. However, finding the right jewelry is not easy, as there is an amazing variety to choose from. 

Best for Bride, Canada's leading bridal dress chain, suggests these tips to narrow down your choices and find jewelry that matches your wedding dress, when you go shopping.

1. Buy your wedding dress first

It is easier to find jewelry that matches a wedding dress than the other way around. Many brides end up buying a dress that is different from what they had in mind. If you pick your jewelry in advance and then buy a dress that is entirely different from what you had in mind, it is likely that the two will not come together. This can leave you with an incomplete or mismatched look. So, wait till you buy your wedding dress to pick your jewelry.

2. Match the metals in the jewelry to dress color

Wedding gowns come in different shades of white; like ivory, diamond white, pure white and champagne. Different metals look best with each of these shades. Your jewelry and dress will come together beautifully when you choose the right metal for your accessories. Here are the options courtesy Fire & Brilliance custom designs: 

Yellow gold complements the off-white shade of ivory wedding dresses.

Pure white wedding dresses pair well with white metals like silver, platinum or white gold.

Most white and yellow metals work well with diamond white wedding dresses. 



The poetic and almost antique effect of champagne colored dresses are enhanced by gold and rose gold accessories. 



3. Match the jewelry to the embellishments used in the wedding dress

If your dress has embellishments like beading or embroidery, choose jewelry that has a unifying factor for a cohesive effect. For example, if the dress features crystal beading and silver embroidery, clear or colored stones in silver base metal will bring your look together. Although the jewelry and dress should be similar, avoid matching designs exactly or it will look tacky. Aim for a balance between the jewelry and details on the dress, to avoid a cluttered look. Either forego the necklace or choose a simple one if your dress has an ornate bodice or neckline. If it is simple with few embellishments, you can add a statement piece to dress up your dress.

4. Match dress style to jewelry style

Just like wedding gowns, jewelry can be traditional, modern or a fusion of styles. The style of your jewelry should align with the style of your gown. Pearl necklaces, earrings and bracelets look good with vintage and traditional dresses, with lace details. For modern, glamorous silhouettes like the mermaid, accessories with plenty of sparkling elements look great.

5. Experiment with color

Accessories with colored stones, like amethysts, rubies and sapphires add a vibrant touch to a bridal ensemble. You can choose colored stones to match the wedding theme, or such that they suit your skin tone. Bright gemstones beautifully complement destination wedding dresses and Boho styles. Colored jewels set in traditional styles make interesting accessories for formal weddings.

6. Pay attention to the neckline

The neckline is a focal point of your wedding dress. So, use this as a guide when choosing your jewelry. Avoid necklaces with high necklines like the halter, or those with heavy details. Bold necklaces work with sweetheart, strapless and off-the-shoulder styles where there the decolletage is on show. For modern day illusion necklines with intricate embellishments, pretty earrings are all that is required to complete your look. Simple single and double strand necklaces look good on elegant necklines like the V-neckline and square neckline.

7. Consider personal style

Your jewelry should not only complement your wedding dress, it should also be an extension of your personal style. Choose accessories that you love and feel comfortable in, and styles that you regularly use. You will feel confident and look like a better version of yourself in such jewelry.

8. Have only one statement piece

If you are into big, statement style jewelry, use only one such piece to complete your look. If you choose a bold, flashy headpiece, skip the necklace. Similarly, for dangling chandelier earrings, wear a simple necklace. Few accessories will complement the wedding dress, while too many will upstage it.

9. Consider custom-made

If you aren't satisfied with the available options in wedding jewelry consider having your accessories custom-made to suit your unique preferences. This is also an option if you have to wear an heirloom that doesn't fit your wedding vision. A professional jeweler can either create your accessories from scratch or work with heirloom jewelry to fashion one that suits your modern taste. To learn more about this option, check out this page on Fire & Brilliance that provides an insight into this custom service.

10. Don't go overboard

Resist the temptation to over-accessorize. Your wedding jewelry should complement your gown, not compete with it. For an opulent wedding dress with plenty of embellishments, use minimum jewelry to avoid a cluttered look. Pair earrings with a bracelet or statement ring as a safe choice with a heavily embellished wedding dress. Statement pieces look good when the dress features a simple silhouette and few embellishments. Select earrings according to your hairstyle on the day. Dramatic earrings look best with an updo, but you should skip the necklace or choose a small one when the earrings are long and flashy.

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Best for Bride is Canada's leading bridal shop and wedding services provider. Operating from four locations in Canada, they feature not only designer wedding dress collections but also dresses for the entire wedding party. Find more about their updated collections and services on offer by visiting the Best for Bride website. Best for Bride can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.


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