5 Things to Remember When Choosing Your Wedding Day Jewelry

Best for Bride steps in to guest blog for Fire & Brilliance, in helping you narrow down key ideas when finding the right combination in balancing wedding day jewelry. 

Your wedding jewelry adds the finishing touches to your wedding day look, and completes your transformation into a gorgeous bride. However, there is another reason why you should carefully choose your wedding jewelry. While you may not use your wedding dress after your wedding day, you will most likely be able to use your wedding jewelry on other occasions in the future. So, this a worthwhile investment!

Best for Bride, Canada's leading bridal dress chain and wedding services provider, suggests this list of tips for prospective brides on the search for their wedding day jewelry

1. Choose jewelry that matches your dress

If wedding dress shopping was challenging, jewelry selection is not too different. While the availability of numerous options are exciting, it can also be confusing. When choosing your jewelry, remember that it should match your wedding dress. The base metal should complement your wedding gown's shade of white. The pattern should come together beautifully with the style of your dress and theme of wedding.

2. Look for jewelry that you love

There are no set rules about what you should or shouldn't wear on your wedding day. Nevertheless, your wedding jewelry should reflect your personal style and taste. Choose colors and designs that you are comfortable wearing and feel great in. If you do not find ready-made jewelry that meets your expectations, consider having it custom-made. Fire & Brilliance offers a simplified custom design service that allows brides to bring their unique jewelry ideas to life. Click here to learn more about this option.

3. Explore colorful options

Just because your wedding dress is white, you need not restrict your choices to diamonds or pearls. Explore the world of colored gemstones, and you will be amazed to see the beautiful options available. Try beautiful trinkets with colored stones to enhance your overall look. Colored stones from the F&B Portia Collection are beautiful gems that will add a pop of color to your wedding day ensemble, and will give you a look that is truly you.

4. Don't worry about your jewelry matching the wedding ring

Your wedding ring is a separate entity. So, you do not have to match its finish to that of the rest of your wedding jewelry. Choose a wedding band that you will still love years later. Classic designs that stand the test of time are the best option. For the rest of your jewelry, go with the theme of your wedding and the style of your dress. Find accessories that complement these features.

5. Find the right balance

Less is more, where wedding jewelry is concerned. Avoid too much jewelry if your dress has many details, so you do not end up with a cluttered look. Stick with the basics, like a pair of earrings and a bracelet, or bold necklace and a statement ring, so you do not overdo it.

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