Wil & Hannah


1. When did you first meet and how? 

Hannah: We met at a college party in 2014. I called "Hey you!" and motioned for Wil to cross the room to talk to me. I extended my hand for a shake and said, "My name is Hannah, what's yours?" We both felt an instant connection.  We spent the rest of the party talking until everyone else went home.  Wil asked me if I'd go on a date with him the following weekend.  Because I didn't live in town (I was just visiting), I explained that a date unfortunately wouldn't be possible.  He said "Fine, I'll take you for lunch tomorrow!  I'll call you at 11AM.  Not 10:59, not 11:01, exactly 11AM."  I didn't believe that he'd actually do it, but sure enough, I got a call at EXACTLY that time and he picked me up for our lunch date.  We've been inseparable ever since.

2. What about it made you choose this ring design to be the one?

Hannah:  I'm the type of person who knows what they want, and I had a really specific vision for my ring.  We searched for a long time before determining that the only way to get exactly what we wanted was to go custom.  I sent all of my ideas and vision to the Fire and Brilliance team and they sent me back a mock up that hit the nail on the head from the VERY beginning.  I ended up getting both my engagement ring AND my wedding band custom-made with Fire and Brilliance.  

3. What was the proposal/wedding like? (Feel free to be as detailed as possible!)

Hannah:  The proposal was absolutely magical.  Family is the absolute most important thing to me, and Wil knew that (it was one of the things he loved most about me).  On Christmas Eve my grandmother had me join her in the other room to set out some homemade candies, and when I came back in the living room, Wil told me how much I meant to him and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.  He got down on one knee, and of course I said yes!  My entire family was there to cheer us on, and it was a perfect reflection of our values as a couple.The wedding was a dream.  We had the wedding in a garden in June.  Many of the family members who witnessed our proposal also helped set up our wedding:  It was so beautiful to see everything come full circle.  Far and away the best part of the night was getting to dance like crazy:  One of my biggest fears as a bride was whether people would dance or not... it turns out we invited just the right crowd, because the dance floor was packed until we had to shut it down!  Our whole group was having such a great time that the security guard for the venue came by to tell us "You guys are having more fun than I've ever seen, you all stay here as long as you want."  The entire day felt like such a buzz of joy and love, it was everything I could have dreamed of and more.

4. How did you first hear about us? How was your overall experience with Fire & Brilliance?

Hannah:  I spent a ton of time researching vendors online because I knew I wanted moissanite (we wanted a ring that we could be sure was ethical and frankly moissanite is just so beautiful it's impossible to say no once you see one) and I knew that a traditional store wouldn't be able to give me what I was looking for.  Fire and Brilliance gave me the rings of my dreams, and I am so glad they provided me with something I can treasure for decades to come.



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