Q: How did you first hear of Fire & Brilliance?  

A: I stumbled upon the store website while doing moissanite gem research on the internet, as the online store has reviews on Etsy, other jewelry forums, and wedding blogs.

Q: What made you choose Moissanite and what are your thoughts on the diamond alternative?

A: I didn't set out to look for moissanite, but did want an alternative gem. While doing research, I discovered many types of alternatives and found that moissanite wasn't just an diamond alternative, but belonged to a rather precious and beautiful gem category all to its own. I also appreciated the fact that the gem was manufactured ethically; pricing was extremely affordable and the gem was exquisite. I honestly think anyone would be proud to say that the ring that they were wearing had a gorgeous moissanite stone.

Q: How was your overall experience with us?

A: I honestly felt that I received exceptional customer service, where the representatives were focused on customer satisfaction, paid attention to the information I provided and conveyed professionalism throughout their points of contact with me.

Q: What advice would you give our followers about how to choose their stone?

A: When I got married 13 years ago, technology and discoveries were not as advanced and the diamond company's marketing campaign was very good at deceiving and preventing alternatives gems from entering the commercial market competitively for all consumers. And coming from a mixed Asian background, my family demanded that my ring had to be a certain stone size, my husband and I saved money together (as I felt it was unfair to expect him to pay for stupidly big stone all by himself because of my family's expectation).

We could have taken the money we spent on the diamond and utilized it better. But nonetheless, we did buy the stupidly expensive stone and did not spend much on the ring setting. Hence, I would advise couples to invest a bit more on the right ring setting, as that is what you will be looking at and go with a moissanite stone. Honestly, with all various moissanite cuts that showcase how majestic the stones are, the possibility of choosing the right stone to fit in that perfect ring setting is definitely in the client's favour.

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