Victor & Kirsten Joie

When did you first meet and how?

Victor & Kirsten Joie:

We first met in 8th grade and had mutual friends. Surprisingly, we didn’t have any classes together! We eventually reconnected during our Sophomore year in high school at our friend’s house and were definitely eyeballing each other. 😊 It took off from there and we started seriously dating during our Senior year.

(Fun Side note: Victor originally had a crush on Kirsten Joie’s basketball teammate!)

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What about your ring design made you decide that it was the one?

Victor: I chose this ring design because I knew that Kirsten Joie is a simple, elegant, and beautiful person that would like a ring that matched her style. She doesn’t need a crazy or glamorous ring to feel loved, but at least something that makes a subtle statement that she is happily engaged. I asked her to browse through ring selections about four years ago to give me an idea of what she was interested in. I bookmarked that ring for four years until I was ready to propose!


What was the proposal/wedding like?! (Feel free to be as detailed as possible!) 

Victor: I wanted to propose the summer of 2018, and began actively planning the proposal in January 2019. I wanted to propose in a method that depicted the transformation of our relationship over the years from high school sweethearts, to long distance relationships, to being puppy parents, to now. I wanted to demonstrate this appreciation for each transitional period by dressing up in prom clothes, producing a heartfelt video, and ensuring her family and friends were all there to experience the moment.

Kirsten Joie: The morning of the proposal, I had a slight feeling that Victor was going to propose. He was asking me to wear a particular dress to a “family party,” and he never proactively gives advice about what to wear unless I ask! We drove from our home in Berkeley to San Jose for this “family party” which was held at Kelly Park; the same park we took pictures for our senior prom in high school, so it immediately brought back memories. The moment we reached the entrance to the park, Victor placed a virtual reality (VR) headset on me, which acted like a blind fold, and said, “Today’s the day!” Victor walked me through the park (with the VR set still on me!) and told me to stand still during a particular point in time. From there, a video began to play on the headset, and the video was of Victor, narrating our love story from high school to now. When the video ended and when I took the VR set off, our friends and family were standing on a bridge right across from me. Each person was holding a letter that spelled out “It’s about time.” After I read the sign, Victor was down on one knee!

How did you first hear about us? How was your overall experience with Fire & Brilliance?

We heard about Fire and Brilliance through our close friend, Brian, who works at F&B. I’ve (Kristen) known Brian since I was four years old and we grew up together. We loved our experience with Fire and Brilliance! The process was really easy and budget-friendly.

Where would you live if you could rest your roots anywhere in the world?

We plan on resettling our roots in our hometown and where we first met, San Jose, CA!


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