Tyler & Jazmyn


How did you two meet?

I met him at Proof rooftop on January 5, 2018, along with other friends to celebrate a birthday. I was new to the group and he seemed to take an interest. We met up a week later at a karaoke lounge with some more friends and that is where his personality truly came to shine.

For our first date he drove an hour to my apartment in Spring, Tx to cook me breakfast and help put my patio furniture together. We ended up spending the whole day together just talking and eventually went to dinner as well. We talked for a couple weeks before I came up with this crazy idea of creating a dating contract. It outlined his position as Chief of Relations with boundaries and timeframe for the position. It worked quite well for me and he was promoted to Executive Relations Officer (boyfriend). However, he got cold feet and broke up with me a month later. Since we're here you know that is not where our story ends.

A month after our breakup he slid me a dating contract with the title of Queen and we became official, again, August 22, 2018. We have had some great times and surprises under his contract. Early August 2020, I told Tyler he had 6 months to figure out what he wanted to do because my eggs weren't getting any younger. He seemed to be trying to negotiate the terms of our agreement until what I thought was just a photoshoot turned into a proposal. I am blessed and honored to have spent the past two years with Tyler and I look forward to a lifetime of memories.

Tell me more about how the proposal went!! 

So he told me we were going to do a shoot for our 2 year anniversary (Aug 22nd). I rented the blue dress from rent the runway & ask our friend who was taking the pics to do my makeup. We went to a botanical garden in Houston just taking pictures at various locations. During the last bit of photos they were distracting me until he got down on one knee, they told me to turn around. As soon as I saw him I said aww then started ugly crying lol

Tell me about your ring design! Was this something you chose or designed together? Or was it a design he surprised you with? 

I've always wanted a ruby ring for my birthstone. Then I learned about lab created/grown rubies & knew that would be the best choice. I found the site a few years ago & fell in love with the daisy ring. I sent the pics to family & friends in case he ever asked them. He saw the pics in my phone one day & asked about them. I told him I would really love this ring in this size so he asked for the pics & link. He would ask me every few months if that's still the ring I wanted until he proposed.

I was unsure if I wanted the ruby in rose gold or platinum but I think the rose gold turned out amazing!

Have you experienced any struggles due to the pandemic? If so, what advice would you give to other newly engaged couples who might be struggling?

I struggled before the pandemic & our engagement because my job moved me from Houston to Dallas and I thought our relationship was going to end. BUT just like I've always been told "what is for you will always be for you no matter the circumstances". I suggest newly engaged couples to be patient and exercise forgiveness not only with their partner but also forgiving themselves. We have been humbly reminded life isn't promised so make the most of your time and memories!

What’s one thing you and your fiancé are looking forward to doing the most after the pandemic is over?

Traveling!! I always hunt for cheap international flights. We love the ocean but he also wants to visit cold places

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