Sarina & Troy

Q: When did you first meet and how?

A: Troy and I met in 2007, where we both worked in the same restaurant. I always thought he was extremely attractive, but I never thought anything was possible at that point as he was not on the market. Just someone nice to look at, haha. We only worked with each other for about 6-months until he quit, and never talked much after that; the yearly “Happy Birthday” post on Facebook was pretty much it. A few years pass and we go to the same party and start texting non-stop for the next month. We finally started dating in 2012, moved in together 3-months later, and have since been inseparable.

Q: What about the design made you choose this ring to be the one?

A: I had been looking at the site for at least 6 months and kept going back and forth between a round cut and an oval cut. I felt that oval was different, because I don’t know anyone with an oval ring; but I also liked how classy the round cut was. I decided on the round one because I felt like I would love the look of it longer (I am extremely picky with my jewelry), and the designs on the side kind of look like the Taurus zodiac sign, which is what my fiancé is. 

Q: In each your own words, can you describe what the days leading up to the proposal were like? Can you tell us about the proposal? 

A: Honestly, I don’t think either of us were expecting it to happen the way it did. I was there when he ordered the ring, and initially it was supposed to go to his parent’s house but he changed it to our place instead. I told him that if I knew he had it, and didn’t give it to me right away that it would drive me nuts... that’s exactly what happened. I got the reminder in the mail that the package was waiting at the postage office, he picked it up the next day. A week goes by and nothing happens, I ask him why he hasn’t asked me yet. He goes, “I want to ask your dad” which was very sweet. My parents had a relative staying with them, so he waited until they left to ask my dad.

Then ANOTHER week goes by, and now he says he didn’t want to steal his brother’s thunder (he’s the youngest of 3 boys, and the last one to get engaged. His brother was getting married that weekend).. understandable. Then my birthday comes and goes, still nothing. FINALLY, I say something along the lines of, “Why do you hate me? Why haven’t you asked me yet?” His response, “What? You want it now?” I’m silent, as he goes and gets the box out of the bedroom. He walks in and says, “Here” and holds out the ring box. We kind of discuss that this is a weird way to ask, then he goes, “Do you want me to get down on one knee?” I respond, “Of course I do! If this is how you’re going to ask, you have to at least give me that!” 

Q: How was your overall experience with Fire & Brilliance? How did you first hear about us?

A: Our experience with F&B was great! It’s nice how the site is able to convert into Canadian currency on the site so we don’t have to guess what the price is going to be. I also loved how the designs were more unique than what you see at the jewelry stores, it gives the rings more personality. I think my favorite part is the fact that it’s not a diamond. The diamond is my birth stone and honestly, a little cliché in my opinion. I wanted something different, but still wanted a white/clear stone. I researched moissanites for months deciding if they were the right stone I was looking for. It’s so crazy how expensive they make diamonds now. Like, this ring is over 1ct, for a reasonable price. You get a 1ct diamond, and it’s easily over 2,500$. I heard about you guys through Instagram. Your page popped up on my Explore page and I was hooked ever since! 

Q: What advice can you give to the couples out there about how to resolve arguments between yourself and your significant other?

A: Honestly, I know this is said by literally everyone, but don’t go to bed angry. Talk. Listen. Communication is key in a relationship. We learned this the hard way, but once we finally started expressing our feelings without holding things back, it had made our relationship that much better. Don’t give up on each other. Sometimes things get difficult, push through. Rely on each other. 

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