Q: How did you first hear of Fire & Brilliance?

A: I first heard about Fire & Brilliance through Instagram. I quickly fell in love with their simple and beautiful aesthetic that helped feature the beauty of Moissanite.

Q: What about the design made you choose this ring to be the one?

A: I wanted something timeless. The simple solitaire diamond is classic and timeless. I also loved a little more sparkle that the ICE collection had. It's the best of both worlds with SO much sparkle.

Q: For what occasion did you make this purchase? Please be as detailed as possible.

A: My husband and I have been married for six years. I wanted to "upgrade" my wedding ring and I was able to by purchasing such a cost friendly and gorgeous ring. I have been wanting a ring from F&B for about three years now and decided just to go for it and make the purchase. One of the best decisions and purchases I have ever made.

Q: How was your overall experience with us?

A: F&B made sure the ring I wanted was perfect for me. They were so helpful and patient with all of my wants and requirements that I was wanting for my ring. They went above and beyond in their customer services and their craftsmanship in their ring.

Q: What would you say are the top 3 things to consider when purchasing jewelry?

A: If you are wanting the most bang for your buck, don't think twice. Go moissanite! The quality by Charles & Colvard is exquisite. It shows with the spark and craftsmanship.

I had already been married and had a real diamond. I wanted an upgrade; this company creates such a timeless look with moissanite. I can't tell you how many times I've looked down at my ring and smiled because this ring is exactly what I have always been wanting. F&B made that possible.

When purchasing jewelry I look at their website, I look at their images on social media. I look for videos. As soon as I saw F&B images and videos their clean and classic aesthetic was EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Thank you F&B for EVERYTHING! I could never thank you enough. You were incredible to work with and recently one of my friends is considering engagement and I've sent her your info. You guys are incredible. Keep up the amazing work!

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