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How did you hear about moissanite and what made you choose them over other gemstones? 

I first heard about moissanite about 18 months ago on a TV show and it really sparked my interest. I started researching online. I was so intrigued by the fact that the stone was lab grown and sustainable in it's manufacture. For quite some time the process of mining diamonds and not knowing the conditions of the people who mined them did not sit well with me (let alone the affordability of diamonds). So the more I learned about moissanite, the more I realized that this was the only option for me going forwards. I feel I can be proud to wear moissanite knowing that the production process is kind to earth and people.


What kind of piece are you going to set your moissanite gemstones on? 

There is one particular stone and ring design that I have loved. Around ten plus years ago I saw someone on a London underground train wearing the design and I was hooked. I thought it was simple and stunning. It was an Asscher Cut solitaire stone on the thinnest gold band setting.
My husband and I actually married 7 years ago and at the time money was very tight. I really wanted my dream ring and design but our finances didn't stretch far enough so I opted for a 0.7ct asscher cut diamond on a white gold setting. The ring is lovely and I cherish it but if I'm honest it was not exactly what I always hoped for. My husband said that one day he would buy me "the ring" when we were in a better position. When we discovered the F&B website during lockdown, we couldn't believe the exact Asscher cut stone was available and I could have a ring set exactly as I always wanted!
So for our 7th wedding anniversary we were able to purchase loose stones for a 3 ct Asscher cut solitaire ring and smaller matching earrings which I was so pleased with. They arrived in the New Year and I'm thrilled!
After a difficult year with lockdown and homeschooling still continuing in the UK, this really lifted my spirits. I am so looking forward to taking these to a jeweler once we are out of lockdown and hopefully being able to wear my dream ring in summer when we are finally able to meet family and friends once again.

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