Nick & Ashley


How did you first meet and how? 

We met on OkCupid and had our first date in April 2016. Our first date went great! We hit it off right away. We met for drinks at Anyways Pub in Bloomingdale, Illinois. It’s actually one of our favorite places to grab dinner at now and our bridal shower was supposed to be there, but it got canceled due to COVID. 

We stayed a lot longer than we thought we would cause it was just so easy to talk to each other and we had quite a bit in common. We both left that night knowing that we each had found something special and wanted to see where it went. We went on a second date the week after and then I got sick and it was just over a month later that we went on our 3rd date, but we texted with each other the whole time.

We went on a couple more dates and then I went to Europe for a few weeks with my best friend (a trip I had planned before we even met), and when I came back he asked me to be his girlfriend. 


What about your ring design made you decide that it was the one?

I loved that my ring looked like a flower and had a vintage look. We kind of chose my ring together, actually. I was stuck between a couple designs and I told him whichever he picked I would be okay with. So when he proposed it was still a surprise because I didn’t know which one he had decided on. 

It’s funny because I always thought I wanted an oval stone, but I fell in love with this one right when I saw it! 

What was the proposal/wedding like?! (Feel free to be as detailed as possible!)

We just got married June 20, 2020. Due to COVID, we reduced our wedding down to 15 people. Our date was special to us and we wanted to just be married already and start our lives as husband and wife. Having just our immediate family made for a more special and intimate ceremony and we really felt the love. We can’t wait to celebrate with the rest of our family and friends in 2021.


Where would you live if you could rest your roots anywhere in the world?

Right after we got engaged, we spent a week in Maui, Hawaii. Would love if we could live the beach life!

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