Marisa & Tony


When did you first meet and how?

Tony and I worked together at Whole Foods. He was in Produce Department and I was the In Store Educator. He was very quiet and I was always trying to get him to talk and tell me what he wanted to learn that day. I often created healthy samples and gave cooking classes. My food won him over and he asked me out. From our first date we have spent almost everyday together for the last 10 years.



What about your ring design made you decide that it was the one?

I wanted a design that was classic from the top, but had meaning. I picked a lotus basket because the saying is you need mud to grow a beautiful lotus. To me this means the hard times have made us stronger. My center stone is a Hearts & Arrows to add to the romance and representation of our love. My wedding band is a half halo of natural diamond pears that create petals. This was to add to the floral design and give it that extra sparkle.


What was the proposal/wedding like?! (Feel free to be as detailed as possible!)

We went to beautiful Glass Beach in Northern California on a road trip vacation. We were in the tide pools looking at all of the tiny sea life including these very small adorable crabs. Tony called me over to him and said he wanted to show me something. I put out my hand thinking he was going to hand me a shell or small crab, but it was instead my beautiful ring. Our road trip extended for a week from that day and we enjoyed the sights of Northern California. We were grateful that we took that trip as the following year many of those towns would be impacted by the wild fires. Our wedding was on Day of the Dead to make sure we were able to celebrate with all of our family living and past. We were married in a 100 year old barn a few blocks from the beach in a colorful ceremony with every color of the rainbow included. It was truly the best day ever!

How did you first hear about us? How was your overall experience with Fire & Brilliance?

I have been a jewelry consultant here at F&B for just about three years and would not have designed my rings anywhere else.

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