Kayla & Elizar


Tell us the story of how you met!

[Kayla] We met in college through a mutual friend during freshman year. We both lived in the same area and opted to commute rather than live in the dorms. Our college had a space dedicated to commuter students—kinda like a break room with amenities. That’s where we’d see each other the most. 

In February of sophomore year, he confessed he had feelings for me but I wasn’t ready to even think about dating at the time. We were more than okay staying friends and didn’t need to pretend the confession didn’t happen. There was no awkwardness at all. Coincidentally, we both took a break from school after that academic year and started hanging out more. 

By the end of June I realized I started to return those feelings. In July, it was my turn to be brave, and that was the start of what we like to call our first endless summer. 

(Photo by  Robee Aquino)

How did the proposal go?
[Elizar] The proposal, despite a few hiccups, was perfect. Weather pulled through, friends made it to Seattle, WA ([Kayla] a few even flew in!) and it was kept mostly a surprise. I was set up at the top of Kite Hill in Gas Works Park in Seattle—same location I first told her I loved her. Family and friends lined the path leading to the top and handed her letters I had written. I was all smiles and speechless when she reached the top. I muttered what I could, asked her to marry me and opened the ring holder… unknown to me… I opened it upside down. Laughter ensued. Classic me. She said yes! Time literally felt like it stopped as we kissed on top of that hill, our friends and family cheering us on. 
[Kayla] The hiccups definitely had a hand in making it perfect. I wasn’t surprised by when and where, but definitely was surprised by all the effort and coordination. It kinda felt like déjà vu -- like I’d already lived through this memory in a dream, but no, it was reality! I wouldn’t change anything about it. 

(Photo by Robee Aquino)

Tell us about designing your ring and how you knew this design was the one!
[Kayla] I knew I wanted a three stone ring for the longest time, but I have “tiny raccoon hands” as Elizar likes to describe them, so I was worried it would look too awkward. What’s most important to me isn’t how big the stones are, but how proportionate they look on my hand. I’m sooo delighted with how this came out and how dainty and warm the rose gold band looks. I can’t stop admiring how sparkly it is!
[Elizar] I had to learn and arm myself with what elements go into designing a ring. F&B’s videos really helped with understanding those components. I had reference photos from other rings I found online that helped the design process. I decided to purchase the engagement ring as well as a wedding band to make sure everything fit properly. 
I was a bit hesitant to design and buy online but the rings turned out perfect and the process was so easy! CAD renderings are provided during the design phase and that played an important role in my decision making. From those renderings I was able to make the changes needed to create the perfect ring combo. 

Any big plans for your wedding? What does you ideal wedding day look like?
[Kayla] No big plans set in stone yet! Ideally, I’d like to imagine it a lot like the proposal: minimal mishaps that end up being funny anecdotes in the end. We want to have fun and respect the traditions of our parents while also making sure the wedding really represents us.

Any advice for anyone planning to propose to their significant other?
[Elizar] My advice is to figure out the ring size ahead of time and get organized whether that be using a task management program or good ol’ pen and paper. If using a group chat to organize, name it something subtle.

[Kayla] I’d say talk about what you BOTH want in a proposal. And I agree about the group chat name being something subtle as well as turning off its notifications, especially if the both of you tend to watch videos together on one phone. I’m not saying that’s what happened to us… but I’m NOT saying it’s not what happened to us. 😛

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