Q: How did you find out about Fire & Brilliance?

A: By spending a lot of time on Etsy (my favorite site for custom made items) and searching with the specifics I had in mind for what I wanted, I was brought to your site.

Q: Was the purchase of your ring inspired by any special occasion? 

A: After 4 years of dating (and at 56 years old, that is a lot), my boyfriend talked about taking the next step in our relationship. I gave him a few weeks, a glass of wine, and asked if he still felt that way. He was sure and that's when I started to do my research. I believe that an engagement ring and wedding band are the two most important pieces of jewelry a person can have.

As I was sitting with my son and my fiancé's granddaughter, they picked out this setting because it had petals that looked just like ones on the flowers we planted together. When on the topic of "carats," they said 10 sounded good. I just laughed and said that 3 actually sounded much nicer since there were 3 of us sitting right there and then!

Q: How was your overall experience with F&B? 

A: I am so grateful for the professional, kind, helpful, patient and supportive staff at Fire & Brilliance. I was so impressed that I gave the website information to my fiancé's son and his girlfriend!

I can honestly say that not many companies impress me anymore, but the the customer service and support from Fire & Brilliance is superb. They have such high professional standards that made it that much easier for me to feel completely comfortable, waiting for the arrival of this important piece of jewelry. They handled all communication quickly and patiently and the final product is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

Q: What would you recommend to our readers as a good rule to go by when accessorizing?

A: The ring should be able to tell the story of the relationship; it should be a symbol of the love between you and your other half. It should be more than just a shiny stone.

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