Kareen and Clorissa

Tell me about the two of you! How did you first meet? 
We first met in 1987 when he was six years old and I was seven years old. We played together over a couple of summers and then lost touch. 30 years later, we stumbled across each other on Facebook and sparked a really unassuming friendship because we lived in different cities.
He lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan and I lived in Atlanta, Georgia. We spent several weeks catching each other up on how things had gone since we saw each other as children and became enamored with one another.
We embarked upon a long distance relationship—Which ultimately resulted in us getting married during quarantine! We got married on Mother’s Day… It was so beautiful!
How did the proposal and the wedding go!? 
The proposal was sweet—he flew to Atlanta for Christmas to deliver my beautiful ring. For the wedding, we had a small, COVID-19 safe ceremony with our moms, kids and siblings. We got married on Mother’s Day in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Please tell me about your ring! Did you choose it/design it together? What made you feel like it was the one? 
 I learned about moissanite watching someone on YouTube talk about her engagement ring. That led me to do some independent research and I stumbled across your Facebook page.
All of the videos were highly educational and I enjoyed the breakdown of the different types and cuts of the stone. I told my fiancé that I had done some research and that if he did not mind, I would like to go to the non-traditional route with a moissanite stone instead of diamond. He gave his blessing and told me to pick out whatever I wanted. A girl’s dream, right? LOL!

We are a little older than some of the 20 something people so our approach wasn’t super traditional. He wanted me to be part of the process and choose the ring because it would be what I would wear for the rest of my life. After watching a zillion videos, I fell in love with the Nefili and the cushion cut. Since this was a virtual purchase, I was not well-versed on how to choose a band width.
But when it arrived, we were SOOOO happy!!! It was classic and as sparkly as I’d hoped/imagined. The quality is superior than some of the traditional diamond bands that I viewed before. We are SOOO pleased and I get compliments daily!

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