JP & Jessica

(photography by @wildecompany)

When did you first meet and how?

Jessica and I met on April of 2019. I was playing minor league baseball for the Fayetteville Woodpeckers and she was a chef in Aspen, Colorado. She came to visit her family one weekend before she permanently moved there. The team that I was playing with was based out of the same city that she is from. She went with her family to watch a home game! I looked up out of the dugout and saw her beautiful face and the rest is history!

(photography by @wildecompany) 

What about your ring design made you decide that it was the one?

I absolutely love the way this ring looks! The way that Fire & Brilliance set the round stone in the center of the cushion halo is beautiful! It is simple and elegant but at the same time it has enough “extra” to be able to turn heads out in public! They truly hit it out the park with this design!


(photography by @wildecompany)

What was the proposal/wedding like?! (Feel free to be as detailed as possible!)

She decided that we were going to make a trip up to Nashville to visit her dad and brother. In my head, I thought what a perfect opportunity to pop the question. Before we headed to Nashville I had her mom call her brother to see if they knew anyone that would be able to take pictures. Luckily, they had friends that took photos for occasions like this and they were available!

Everything was coming along perfect! We planned an evening to go to downtown Nashville and “hang out". My plan was to do it on the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge. After we parked, we started walking up the bridge and the whole time we were walking she kept saying, “ This is so beautiful! We need to take a picture on this bridge!” I thought to myself, we are about to take a bunch of pictures!

I spotted the photographers and knew I was in the right spot, so I told her let’s take some pictures here. I forgot my phone in my pocket so I handed it to her brother's girlfriend. When I turned around all of the cameras were up, and I thought for sure that I had been busted. Since it is a popular bridge for pictures, she didn’t think anything of it. Thank goodness!

As I turned back around for “pictures” her brother and sisters slid me the ring. I whispered into Jess’s ear “I told you I would surprise you!” Her face for a split second was confused, but then it clicked! We both had tears of pure happiness running down our faces! It couldn’t have been anymore perfect or special. Everything just came together as it should have!

(photography by @wildecompany)

How did you first hear about us? How was your overall experience with Fire & Brilliance?

I heard about Fire & Brilliance through Instagram. We have been looking at rings for a while but when I came across them on my feed I just had to check them out! I saw their amazing collection of rings and I had to get in touch with them. Their customer service has been nothing short of 5 stars! They answered every question I had and then some. These people are truly amazing and I cannot thank them enough for their hospitality!

(photography by @wildecompany)

Where would you live if you could rest your roots anywhere in the world?

If we could live anywhere I think that we would get a bunch of land in the Tennessee/Kentucky area with our kids, dogs, and farm animals! She has always wanted horses so that would be a must!

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