James & Jared

Q:When did you first meet and how?
A:I met Jared in the summer of 2016 in Hamburg, Germany of all the places in the world. We are both performers/singers and just so happened to be hired by the same Cruise Line which had rehearsals in Germany. There was definitely an immediate connection when we met but I was a bit afraid to make a move. We would be working together for the next 6 months straight and I just didn’t want any romantic drama getting in the way. When you work on a cruise ship you live, work and socialize with the same small group of people. I just didn’t want to risk it. So we tried our hardest to just be friends but after a couple weeks it was simply impossible to ignore the chemistry. We took the plunge and apparently the risk paid off as I’ve been able to travel the world working with the person I love. 

Q:What about it made you choose this ring design to be the one?

A:I absolutely LOVE sparkle and thought, “Why should the ladies have all the fun?!?” But I quickly realized that there is a much more limited pool of options for engagement rings for men. Often the designs I found either were too plain for my taste or looked like something a hip-hop artist might wear. I just couldn’t find anything that fit with our tastes and desires. That’s when I decided that a custom ring was the way to go.

Q: What was the proposal/wedding like? (Feel free to be as detailed as possible!)

A: In keeping with our life of travel and a big helping of nostalgia, I proposed on a surprise trip to Walt Disney World. I literally had Jared pack a bag for a weekend and told him nothing else. Once we arrived in Orlando, he thought the surprises were over. I mean Disney is already a pretty big surprise, right? So then I took him to a special dinner with Cinderella followed by the fireworks dessert party. There is a moment during the fireworks where they start playing all the Disney love songs....and out came the ring! It caught him completely caught off guard and rendered him speechless. But he was eventually able to say yes and make me the happiest man in the happiest place on earth.  

Q: How did you first hear about us? How was your overall experience with Fire & Brilliance?

A: We already knew we wanted Moissanite as it was the most ethically conscious option and the extra sparkles just makes my heart happy. Eventually, my internet research lead me to F&B and I couldn’t be happier that it did. Marisa was a dream throughout the entire process. First, she helped us obtain it perfect, and rare, light grey center stones from Charles & Colvard. They have such a great depth to them and I wouldn’t change them for anything. Then she helped guide me through the custom design process with the patience of a saint. I asked millions of questions and she had or found answers to every single one. No idea or concern was ever too small and each was taken seriously. That attention to detail and care that was taken really show in the rings. It is insanely exciting to see the ideas in your head being brought to life and made into something real. These rings are truly one of a kind and we will cherish them forever! Thank you Marisa and F&B!

Q: Where would you live if you could rest your roots anywhere else in the world?

A:We are honestly wanderers at heart. We’ve spent the last 3.5 years together sailing from place to place around the globe...and it’s pretty awesome. But if we had to choose( and assuming we can’t just move into the castle as Disney World), I think we would probably end up back in Hamburg, Germany. It’s a gorgeous and eclectic city where we’ve made a lot of memories and friends. We would just have to make sure to take lots of vacations to keep seeing new places together! 

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