Hannah Marquis

Q: When did you first meet and how? 

A: My husband, Dan, and I met at the beginning of our second year in college. We were in the same group of students who were helping freshmen move in. The school recruited upperclassmen for the job and we had both signed up to do it, not yet knowing each other. We literally ran into each other that morning--the big cart I was using had a faulty wheel and we ran into each other, almost head on. We ended up getting stuck working as a pair for the rest of the day and we went on our first date less than a week later. Two years in, we followed tradition and volunteered for the same thing again. He proposed at "our spot" on campus that weekend. We were married June 20, 2015. (Below is a picture of the original engagement ring with diamond as center stone.)

Q: What made you choose this center stone and/or gem cut to be the one? 

A: I always knew I wanted a Marquise cut. My maiden name is Marquis, so it was always the obvious choice. When my dad proposed to my mom, he proposed with a Marquise diamond since he was changing her last name to his. I've grown up thinking that was one of the sweetest stories and I promised myself (way before Dan came into the picture) that my future engagement ring had to have a Marquise-cut center stone.

Q: What inspired this upgrade?

A: We had talked a little bit about upgrading to a larger diamond when we could afford it, but finding a diamond of similar color and clarity as my original (which is a D color and VS1 clarity) was really challenging. My best friend was looking at moissanite engagement rings and told me about the stone--a stone that was seemingly so similar to a diamond, but more affordable, made it the perfect option. (Her upgraded ring below with moissy!)

Q: How your overall experience with Fire & Brilliance? 

A: My experience was great. It was so easy to find, order, and receive my stone. I would absolutely recommend Fire & Brilliance to anyone who is interested in moissanite jewelry.

Q: What would you advise our brides and grooms-to-be as a happily wedded couple?

A: Compromise, but don't be afraid to disagree. My husband don't always see eye-to-eye, especially with politics, but we do our best to discuss what we feel/believe/why we each think the way we do and we try to understand each other. I'm not going to say that we don't fight or we have the perfect marriage, because we both know that we don't, but we have learned that understanding each other is one of the biggest keys to being happy and having a happy marriage. We also respect that even though we're married, we're still both individual and independent people, who not only have dreams and aspirations for each other and for our marriage, but for ourselves as well.

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