Gregory & Kate

Q: How did the two of you meet? 

A: Gregory and I met on Tinder back in September 2014. Our first date was to the pet store where we bonded over petting cute puppies and kittens. We then went to Swenson's to eat.

Q: What made you choose this ring to be the one? 

A: I had more of a say over the type of ring I wanted because Greg wanted me to love it and for it to be perfect. I chose the ring I did because it has a simple, yet 1920's Art Deco look to it. The diamonds on both sides add a sparkle to the band, but does not take away from the GORGEOUS 7.5 mm cushion cut Forever One Moissanite center stone.

The gem can only be described as flawless. No picture can capture how sparkly and beautiful it really is. I was blown away when I finally saw my ring. To my surprise, Fire & Brilliance not only picked out the perfect diamonds for the band, they thoughtfully placed 4 on each side of the center stone. I don't think I could have picked out a more perfect ring and company to customize it the way I wanted. 

Q: In each your own point of views, can you tell us what the days leading up to the proposal were like? How did he propose?

A: Kate - 

The days leading up to the proposal seemed pretty normal to me. I had planned for Greg and myself to go to Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens for a while. The weather for the day we went looked unpromising. The forecast was said to be cloudy with a 40% chance of rain. He seemed a bit stand-offish.. but I ignored it. Regardless, I wanted to go and tour the mansion.

Little did I know, it turned out to be a PERFECT day. The sun was shining and there was a nice breeze. Both of us had never been to Stan Hywet, but we had only heard good things. After touring the mansion, the end had led us to two paths: The English Garden and the Japanese Garden. The second of which looked like something out of Alice in Wonderland with its winding stone pathways and plants, each more curious than the previous, grown all around. 

We stopped at a waterfall and as I turned to Greg, he got on one knee. He proceeded to profess to me how he felt about us and asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him. Between myself being SO nervous and taken back, an overflow of tears had found their way down my cheeks (with makeup everywhere). I said, "yes." 


I had actually carried the ring around with me for a few days. Earlier, we had gone to Coopers Rock in West Virginia where I thought I was originally going to propose, but there were just too many people present. I knew that Kate didn't want anyone around when I popped the question, so when we were touring Stan Hywet, it hit me. This was the perfect place and it was just my luck that there was no one around (which is rare for Stan Hywet). I was nervous, but I knew the moment was right. I got down on one knee and asked if she'd like to spend the rest of her life with me. Thankfully, she said, "yes."

Q: What was your overall experience with Fire & Brilliance like? 

A: Working with Fire & Brilliance was such a great experience. I did not want Greg to spend a fortune on an engagement ring, but I also wanted one that was both beautiful and durable. I researched into diamond-alternative moissanite and came across F&B's website. I knew the style of ring I wanted and right there on the 2nd page, I had found it. I showed Greg who agreed that this was it. Greg chose to do F&B's layaway plan which allowed us to conveniently pay online. All we had to do was send them an email.

At first, I had my ring customized with a 7.5mm cushion cut Forever Brilliant Moissanite stone and decided to opt for the Forever One instead when the opportunity arose. I appreciated the dedication that Fire & Brilliance had, down to the smallest details, in creating the ring of my dreams. I plan on also purchasing my custom band from F&B as well, as I know I will get the best quality along with phenomenal customer service. Thank you, F&B.

Q: What was the first thing you did after getting engaged?

A: The first thing I did (after kiss Gregory) was take a picture of my stunning ring to show my anxious family. They had been holding their breath, waiting for him to ask, not to mention extremely excited to see what the ring looked like (Greg hadn't shown anyone else the ring at this point). I also posted it to all my social media and needless to say, my phone was flooding with notifications for days after.

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