Eve & Nathan

Q: When did you first meet and how?

A: Nathan and I met 5 and a half years ago off Match.com -- as soon as I saw his picture I knew he was the one for me. We talked for a few weeks and found out we had some mutual friends, but nothing prepared us for just how much the stars truly had aligned. We decided to meet for dinner and a corner booth we sat and talked and laughed. Talking to Nathan was like talking to a old friend. We both were single parents to girls in which we found out were 4 years and 4 days apart. We talked about our childhood, him growing up in Graham, NC and I just outside of Boston, MA but always had North Carolina as a second home since my mom grew up in Graham as well. As we continued to spend more time together we found out our moms were very best friends in high school!

Q: What about the design made you choose this ring to be the one?

A: I had been searching for the perfect ring what seems like forever. Even though there are millions of beautiful rings out in the world, all the ones I would see just felt like something was missing. I happened to come across Fire & Brilliance knowing I did NOT want a diamond engagement ring. As soon as I saw the White Gold/Rose Gold Antique Halo Basket Ring, it clicked. The unique design. The alternating round and baguette, the rose gold -- it was very much what I had been searching for.

Q: In each your own words, can you describe what the days leading up to the proposal were like? Can you tell us about the proposal?

A: Eve - the days leading up were probably annoying to Nathan. We had been talking about getting engaged for a really long time and there were a lot of moments in my mind I thought okay this is it, or this would be the perfect time. I was getting frustrated, but he got me good! He was dropping hints left and right, but I refused to allow myself to get my hopes up and he treated the day just as any other so when he finally did propose (at the restaurant in the corner booth of our first date with our two girls...) I was completely taken back.

Nathan - Nervous, I thought, "How was I going to pull this off?" I kept the ring in my car and I was scared to death it was going to get taken. We had plans to take our kids to the mountains, it’s always been a special place where we’ve created a lot of memories as a family and I had planned on proposing there, unfortunately, time wasn’t on my side and I had to postpone the proposal to a week later. Like Eve said, I was dropping hints but ultimately ended up surprising her and having our children there made it even better.

Q: How was your overall experience with Fire & Brilliance? How did you first hear about us?

A: Nathan - The experience has been great, The “drop a hint” feature is a dream. It showed exactly what Eve wanted!

Q: What are your favorite activities to do together and each on your own time?

A: Music is a big part of our relationship. When we aren’t hanging out with our kids, we go to a lot of concerts and music festivals. Every year we rent a cabin in the mountains with the kids for a weekend getaway during the fall. We’re never really apart, hahaha! I’ve inherited Nathan’s hobby of collecting concert posters. But for the most part we love creating memories together and having stories to tell.

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