Matt & Emily

Q: When did you first meet and how? 

A: My name is Emily and my fiancé’s name is Matt. I was struggling with online dating because I couldn’t find someone I clicked with, and then I met Matt on Plenty of Fish. From the second I saw him, I knew there was something special about him. We had our first date at a local bar and went on a few after that. We met right before he left for the summer for work. We didn’t really know where things were going so I had started to see someone else.

Because I thought it would be courteous to let him know, I told him I started seeing someone else (nothing serious). What do you know, I come home to flowers on my doorstep and the sweetest card that I still have today. From then on is history and without that, we wouldn’t be where we are today. 

Q: What about the design made you choose the ring to be the one?

A: Matt - 

I thought I knew my fiancé well enough until ring searching and conversations began. HAHA! Boy, was I wrong! Emily had showed me some rings she liked which began with a simple band and a halo. I’ve seen many young couples with rings like that; I just thought a single band was too common and basic. I admired rings with more detail; a ring that's unique, that tells its own story! Emily had also told me she wanted a moissanite because its brilliance sparkles much brighter than a diamond. Along with a moissanite stone, Emily wanted a diamond halo and band all in rose gold. After filling me in with the basics of what she was looking for, she introduced me to Fire & Brilliance.

I knew now that I needed a ring in rose gold with a halo and accent diamonds. That’s when I stumbled upon a couple of ring designs that I liked, but nothing exact to what I was looking for so I contacted F&B with my ideas to custom make the ring I envisioned. And I got EXACTLY what I was looking for! A 14K rose gold infinite band, a 7mm Forever One Moissanite stone with accented diamond halo and infinite shank band. I also included a matching wedding band to fit the curves of the ring and it all turned out PERFECT!!! Everything I asked for, including the tiny details, F&B was sure to accommodate to make sure this experience was as perfect as could be. As Emily has very small hands, I was worried the ring with the infinite shank might be too big, but it fits perfect.

As the ring was everything I wanted, the infinity band was the deciding factor. I knew I wanted a type of split band, but the twisted option much more beautiful and unique. Having the infinity band isn’t only great for design and character, it’s a special representation of the love we share for each other. It’s not something you see very often. It fit the unique and uncommon look I was hoping for. Besides, it makes for a great story when showing off the ring to friends and family! It was the perfect ring! I love the ring and Emily loves the ring, but together, it’s a story of infinite love that can be told by something so simple; OUR ring.

Q: In each your own words, can you describe what the days leading up to the proposal were like?

A: Matt - 

In the days leading up to the proposal, I just couldn’t wait! I was fairly calm and relaxed for the most part. I was just so eager for everything to unfold and finally live a moment in life that I had dreamed about; yes, guys can dream about getting engaged and planning the perfect proposal. The night before I hung out with a couple friends, had some pizza, a couple drinks and just relaxed! The next morning I had a bicycle race that occupied the entire morning and afternoon so it actually helped keep my mind off and away from the proposal later that day. But I had a plan; a plan that took a few months to set up and get everything worked out. I was even working out last minute kinks the day of! My entire plan was supposed to begin around 4 o’clock, but the girls in the group weren’t ready yet. Women not ready on time? That never happens, huh? HAHA! But I’ll let Emily tell you about the proposal so I won’t spoil it; I’ll just roughly describe my side of events!

So we arrive at the desired location an hour later than expected, family members hadn’t arrived yet, and everything was just off to a bad start. Emily and I began walking around with her friends and her mother tells me they’re stuck in traffic and won’t arrive for another 25-30 minutes. Now it's over an HOUR LATER than when they were supposed to be at the location. I AM FREAKING OUT!!! Everything is happening MUCH later than planned, a certain area of this location closed at 6 pm and her mom wasn’t going to be there until after 6! After sneaking away to “use the bathroom”, I was able to talk to the manager into staying open later to make sure everything worked out according to plan. My only worry was trying to stall her and the group of friends until her mom arrived. I would sneakily tell each of her friends that we had to stall until her mom arrived so we just kept walking in circles; it seemed like a disaster waiting to happen!

Finally, her mom arrived and I was able grab what items I needed from her to begin the next step of the proposal. (Bear with me! I know this is very broad, but it’ll all make sense when Emily tells her tale!) After about 20 minutes, it was on to the show! Time to man up and ask the woman of my dreams to be my wife! We approach the planned area for the proposal and now my heart starts POUNDING!!! I began to tell Emily how I felt about our relationship, how my love for her has grown so much and that I was ready to take things to the next level. She immediately began crying before I even started talking!!! It was slightly funny! I spoke what came to mind and then it was time, the moment of truth had come! I popped the question and... Here’s Emily’s side of the story!

Emily - 

He had a surprise planned for our anniversary (September 24th) to have all of my friends come from Grand Rapids to spend the day with me. I don't get to see them very often so I was extremely excited. We got our nails and toes done and had plans to go to Blake's Apple Orchard and Cider house later that evening with the guys.

First things first, we got cider and doughnuts. Then we walked around and Matt all of a sudden had to go to the bathroom. When he came back, he had a picnic basket with him. He told me since I've never been on a picnic we were going to have one before we met up with everyone later for dinner. When we were done, I wanted to get a few bottles of hard cider for the road; the main reason I wanted to go to Blake's Cider House.

As we're walking back, I see someone standing in the patio area holding something up, which turned out to be a blanket he had made. We stop in the middle of the patio and I think we're going to dance, but little did I know, Matt dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. Through all the tears I was only able to get out a head nod, but I said YES! Now we're getting married next December and we're so happy to be taking the next step in our relationship.

Q: How was your overall experience with Fire & Brilliance?

A: My experience with F&B was absolutely amazing! Hands down! I have ordered many things online over the years and had many experiences with customer service but none of them compared to the experience with F&B. I had TONS of questions. What about the size? What about the stone sitting too high? Too low? Will it look too gaudy? Will it cost a ridiculous amount being a custom design? My mind wouldn’t stop. But like always, F&B was there to answer my each and every question.

I was skeptical to make this type of purchase online; and to be honest, I didn’t want to. But after reading MANY reviews and others experiences with F&B, I knew I was in good hands. I knew this was the right company to help me with this big point in my life. The reviews spoke truth and it was time. I paid the custom designing fee to see a computer image only 3 days later (which seemed like an eternity) only to find the ring I had been envisioning for months! It was flawless! I paid the remaining balance on the ring and 3 weeks later, it was all a reality now! Months of looking for “the ring” had finally come to a close as finally I held this beautiful and delicate piece of jewelry I’d been waiting for. I knew I loved it but would Emily love it too was the real question.

Overall I couldn’t be any happier or pleased with my experience with F&B. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t hesitate one bit. I recommend them to ANYBODY looking for a ring with unique design and ideas. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful every step of the way! It was a stressful time in trying to pick the right ring and wondering if she’ll like it etc., but that’s what made the experience special. The staff didn’t treat me like just another customer. They treated me like a friend; a friend they wanted to help through what should be a fun and happy time. As soon as I began to stress out, the staff was there to answer my every question and assure me that this is nothing new to them. They take great pride in their work and know what is on the line with somebody asking their companion to be their life partner; it’s nerve-wracking for sure. Fire & Brilliance will take amazing care of you and I’m very grateful for everything F&B did during my ordering process and I can’t thank them enough!

Q: What did it feel like to take this next step in your relationship and what’s next for you?

A: Matt -

It was amazing! Everybody dreams about their proposal at some point, man or woman, everybody does. When I would sit and think about the entire process and what it all means, I would get a little anxious to think I’m really about to ask this woman to be my wife. Something I thought to be impossible and at times wonder will I ever find “the one”? Does “she” exist? Fortunately, it all came full circle and fell right into place. But I couldn’t have done it without the help and support from F&B. So thank you, F&B!!! Most importantly I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Emily. So Emily, thank you for being such an important part of my life and I can’t wait to begin our future together. The date is set, 12/10/17 and we at eagerly chugging along in wedding planning and doing our best to work together to get everything figured out!

Emily -

It was very surreal for me. I wasn’t really sure it was happening and I wanted to ask him to pinch me. I still don’t think it has sunk in that we’re getting married next year. We have almost everything planned and it hasn’t hit me yet. I’ve always dreamed of finding the person I would spend forever with, and I knew from the start that it was Matt. We’re so excited to start this next chapter of life together and to take on what the world has to throw at us; together.

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