Dawn Guillermo

I heard about Fire & Brilliance thru Instagram. I follow @lovemoissy and they had reposted a few of your customs which I clicked on to land on your page. I immediately fell in love with all of your designs.

The ring I chose had the unique East to West Oval setting and the detailing was exquisite. (Photo Courtesy Laura Hernandez Photography.)


The Forever One Moissanite is amazing. The D-E-F color is truly a scientific breakthrough as the average person cannot afford this color range in a diamond due to exorbitant cost – most people end up with a lesser quality diamond with a very yellow hue. The Forever One is more brilliant than my own diamond and beautiful in all lighting. It is remarkable. 

Fire & Brilliance has outstanding customer service which is what makes it stand out from regular brick and mortar jewelry big box stores. The warranty plan is an added bonus and gives customers peace of mind about their purchase. Also, when reading about the experience of the F&B Team, you understand you are dealing with jewelers who think outside of the box with unique designs while also providing classic rings such as solitaires. There is truly such a wide array of unique designs that can make it possible for everyone to find their dream ring. The bios and pics of F&B are so upbeat and dynamic – it looks like they are truly having fun and enjoy what they do. This speaks volumes. Also, F&B’s pictures on IG are eye-catching and very fun to follow – makes you want to buy everything you post! I really had the best experience and give F&B a 5 star rating in all areas – from beginning to end.
I am a jeweler myself – I hand make jewelry pieces in Hawaii and I appreciate excellent customer service and jewelers who are like-minded. Of course, I am not on the same level as F&B as I am just a local jeweler and only sell on IG, but I also value my customers, price my pieces reasonably, and make them with aloha. I love that F&B's values and business ethics are the same as mine. F&B is an innovative, excellent company with the most beautiful rings I have ever seen. I am so impressed.

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