Daniel and Calley


Tell us the story of how you met!!

Calley and I met through the Disney College Program! We were neighbors at the dorms and started our friendship after both of our households had a meet-up. Throughout the program we went to the Disney Parks together, had a lot of meet-ups with both of our roommates,
and shared cast member stories. After a while I realized she was becoming my best friend.

After a couple of nerve-wracking dates, she became more than just my girlfriend but my future fiancee.

How did the proposal go!?

I always wanted to propose to Calley in a private area where we can enjoy the moment to ourselves. The Ruby Falls Waterfall park was the perfect decision for it. On the day, I was scared I would need to change locations because it was raining nonstop. However, it stopped mid-afternoon, and I immediately told her we had to leave for the park. As we walked closer to the falls, I was getting more nervous and realized the moment was happening. I even had a whole speech planned, but I couldn't remember it at the moment. But as I got down on my knee and asked the question, the only thing that mattered to me was that she said yes.

What made you choose your ring design?

I've always been in love with the pear cut, and I knew it would look gorgeous on my fiancee's finger! It's such a unique cut and compliments skinnier fingers. I even requested the crushed ice stone because I wanted the ring to sparkle on her finger.

What hopes do you have for the wedding? Has COVID affected your experience at all?

We have big hopes for the wedding and COVID hasn't affected the engagement. We aren't in a rush to get married because we're just happy to be engaged and we want to make everything right for the special day.

Have any advice for anyone else looking to propose to their significant other?

The only advice I can give is don't overthink about where or how to propose to your special partner. 

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