Trillion FAB Lab-Grown Blue Sapphire Gems

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FAB Lab-Grown Blue Sapphire

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Blue Sapphire Fun Facts: 

Famous for being worn by Princess Diana and Kate Middleton as engagement rings, sapphires have long been symbolic for the soul. It is officially the September birthstone and the zodiac gem for Taurus. FAB€™s blue sapphires comes in three different shades of blue and stands as the most difficult gem crystal to produce. The gem is known for being symbolic of fidelity, truth and honesty, and is found most common in oval and cushion shapes.

FAB Lab-Grown Blue Sapphire Cut Shapes & Sizes

FAB lab-grown gems are cut in many other shapes and sizes. If our selection does not have what you are looking for then please feel-free to Contact Us.

Fire & Brilliance can be requested to cut many other shapes and sizes for any of our lab-grown gems. These special requested cuts are ineligible for returns and/or exchanges due to their personalized nature. 


FAB Blue Sapphire Round Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Blue Sapphire Oval Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Blue Sapphire Cushion Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Blue Sapphire Emerald Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Blue Sapphire Princess Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Blue Sapphire Pear Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Blue Sapphire Trillion Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Blue Sapphire Marquise Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Blue Sapphire Heart Cut - Fire & Brilliance