Round FAB Lab-Grown Alexandrite Gems

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FAB Lab-Grown Alexandrite

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Alexandrite Fun Facts: 

Unique for transitioning from green in the sunlight to red by a candlelight dinner, Alexandrite and its special qualities makes it a rare find. This beautiful gem was named after Czar Alexander II after being discovered in 1830 by Russia€™s Ural Mountains, because its red and green colors resembled the uniform of the Russian Imperial Guard. Alexandrites consist of a hardness measured at an 8.5 in the moh's scale and is considered a birthstone for June.

FAB Lab-Grown Alexandrite Cut Shapes & Sizes

FAB lab-grown gems are cut in many other shapes and sizes. If our selection does not have what you are looking for then please feel-free to Contact Us.

Fire & Brilliance can be requested to cut many other shapes and sizes for any of our lab-grown gems. These special requested cuts are ineligible for returns and/or exchanges due to their personalized nature. 


FAB Alexandrite Round Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Alexandrite Oval Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Alexandrite Cushion Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Alexandrite Emerald Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Alexandrite Princess Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Alexandrite Pear Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Alexandrite Trillion Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Alexandrite Marquise Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Alexandrite Heart Cut - Fire & Brilliance