Antique Cushion FAB Lab-Grown Ruby Gems

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FAB Lab-Grown Ruby

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Ruby Fun Facts: 

Rubies have been considered the most valuable gem throughout history and referred to as the €œKing of Gems€� in Sanskrit. It is a symbol of desire and the zodiac gem for Capricorn; it is also known as the gem of courage and passion. Seek after yet rarely discovered, FAB€™s lab-grown rubies obtain a clarity only found in the very best mined gems and consist of a pigeon€™s blood color. Although the finest lab-grown and mined rubies seem identical with the naked eye, the price difference can reach up to as high as $100,000 per carat!

FAB Lab-Grown Ruby Cut Shapes & Sizes

FAB lab-grown gems are cut in many other shapes and sizes. If our selection does not have what you are looking for then please feel-free to Contact Us.

Fire & Brilliance can be requested to cut many other shapes and sizes for any of our lab-grown gems. These special requested cuts are ineligible for returns and/or exchanges due to their personalized nature. 


FAB Ruby Round Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Ruby Oval Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Ruby Cushion Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Ruby Emerald Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Ruby Princess Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Ruby Pear Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Ruby Trillion Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Ruby Marquise Cut - Fire & Brilliance


FAB Ruby Heart Cut - Fire & Brilliance